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Single strand with clasp in back splits into 4 strands across the front, with silver lotus-shaped accents and findings. Re-strung on sturdy necklace wire with silver clasp. Walters Art Museum collections. I create form, texture and color with repeated elements, threads of wire and manipulation of materials.

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Goodspeed worked from aboutand while she was an American she moved to Mexico and began making silver jewelry and objects in the late s. Bottle measures about 1 inch tall with cork Measures 6" long but custom lengths are available; exact pieces vary.

Predominately self taught, Reiko creates airy, light and flexible pieces of jewelry that are carefully hammered into shape. A category unique to this period and quite appropriate to the philosophy of romanticism was mourning jewellery.

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Creativity takes the process of imagination to another level. I can make custom bead necklaces using original amulets and udjats. Early jewellery making in China started around the same period, but it became widespread with the spread of Buddhism around 2, years ago.

Ex-Simonian family collection, Switzerland, formed in the 's. However, jade was preferred over any other stone. A twin pair of Coro Butterfly brooches! By BC, the Greeks had mastered making coloured jewellery and using amethystspearland emeralds.

This center stone is a lovely purple color and changes with the light. Bach's pieces seem to whisper secrets about the spiritual mysteries of the natural world.

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Styles and colors vary. Marked on the back of the clasp "Sterling Mexico". The two halves were then joined together, and waxfollowed by molten metal, was placed in the centre.

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The entire set weighs 2. Each piece consisted of little components that were like a life story.

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One strand in back splits into 5 across the front. Green, for example, symbolised fertility.

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While European traditions were heavily influenced by waxing and waning empires, India enjoyed a continuous development of art forms for some 5, years. The golden finish is shining and bright, and intact except for some scratches on the back. It contained Colombian emeraldtopazamazonite from Brazil, spinelioliteand chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka, ruby from India, Afghan lapis lazuliPersian turquoiseRed Sea peridotas well as Bohemian and Hungarian Dating jewelry c claspgarnetand amethyst.

Yumi sees her work as an expression of the mysterious and primeval forces of nature, such as "light, wind, space, and time.

One record in the Mari royal archives, for example, gives the composition of various items of jewellery: The entire necklace front has a very light gold tone wash that highlights the draped and textured look of each link.

Please click the comments link below this article to add your comments. Motifs included orchids, irises, pansies, vines, swans, peacocks, snakes, dragonflies, mythological creatures, and the female silhouette. Although they were expected to wear at least one ring, some Roman men wore a ring on every finger, while others wore none.

China[ edit ] The Chinese used silver in their jewellery more than gold.

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Extremely rare in this quality. Swedish silver marks are similar to British silver marks, as they also have Town Marks and Dateletter Marks. They worked two styles of pieces: The ruby red stone is bright with deep color, Signed in back on the inside of a bow loupe is Coro in script with the Pegasus mark but no copyright mark.

This Danish company made jewelry from and was known for the beautiful enamel work. Rhinestones are bright and faux pearls are faultless.