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It houses several old phone units, telegram machines, first stamp from and other late Ottoman or early Republic period stamps, old seals and mail boxes, postal clerk uniforms, and some photos of the first communication systems in Turkey.

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It is not about right or wrong buy the facts. Reply andrew August 17, at Architecture Byzantine monuments Nothing remains of the Byzantium that Constantine chose as the site of New Rome, and almost nothing is left of the mighty city he built there.

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Geographers number them from the seaward tip of the peninsula, proceeding inland along the Golden Horn, the last hill standing alone where the land walls reach the Sea of Marmara. The little shops are located inside an old building, with long corridors that house everything that normally visitors wants to consume.

Galata TowerGalata Tower rising above other buildings of Istanbul. It was restored again in the midth century. Selling antiquities and accessories and clothing. He urged the return of those who had fled the city during the siege, and resettled Muslims, Jews, and Christians from other parts of Anatolia.

Reply Sid November 6, at 9: The easiest pick up strategy for most bars is wait until the end of the night and always put your radars on. The museum is located in front of the ancient city walls of Edirnekapi where the Janissaries were first able to breach the city during the siege.

Ultimately, the Muslim atmosphere renders the place too prudish to be worth it just for flagging.

1. The Big Bazar or Kapaliçarşi

Warfare and fires have left standing only a few structures that were built earlier than the 19th century. It is now a museum of Byzantine mosaics and frescoes.

It is way overrated and expensive in Istanbul, I do not suggest this. A doll made in in United States, marbles from United States dating back to and German toys made from tin, and porcelain dolls are other items of the extensive collection.

Reply Andy September 21, at 5: There is also a Janissary Band show daily between pm, if they're not on a tour.

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The museum will be closed for restorations until the end of July Tel: Santralistanbul was opened as an electric museum displaying industrial power machines and for modern art exhibitions in September Kariye MuseumAnastasis Christ ascending from hellapse fresco, c.

We cannot view adulterers as victims.

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Approximately toys and miniatures are exhibited in the museum that occupies square meters of land. I booked it before they got me, but even Turks agree that the place can get sketchy outside of Sultanahmet.

Re-opened inthe museum contains a rich collection of satirical works, written or drawn, and the exhibits are frequently changed.

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Probably the most popularly known of all the mosques in Istanbul is the Blue Mosquethe mosque of Ahmed I Ottoman sultan from towhich has six minarets instead of the customary four.