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Cast-bronze finial from Luristan, 9th—8th century bc. Guests bring honor to a household, and are eagerly sought.

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This is more common in rural than in urban areas. It is very common to see an older child with full responsibility for care of a toddler. The infant mortality rate remains somewhat elevated twenty-nine per thousand but it has declined significantly over the past twenty years. Suffrage is universal, and the voting age is sixteen.

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In fact, fruit is served before the meal, after the meal—indeed, at any time. The layout retained the character of a nomadic encampment: Some groups living within Iranian borders do assert autonomy occasionally, however.

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It was built by King Untash-Gal c. The Persian Empire Women in polygynous marriages hold their husbands to this and will seek legal relief if they feel they are disadvantaged.

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These percentages appear to have increased somewhat following the Revolution. For many centuries women in Iran have done this by wearing the chador, a semicircular piece of dark cloth that is wrapped expertly around the body and head, and gathered at the chin. After a meal Iranians prefer fresh fruit and tea.

Successive Mongol invasions of the thirteenth century resulted in a period of relative instability culminating in a strong reaction in the early sixteenth century on the part of a resurgent religious movement—the Safavids.

Parthian influence is to be seen in their style, particularly in the frontality of the human figures.

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They became patrons of Persian literature, art, and architecture. Nevertheless, she retains her own name, and may hold property in her own right, separate from her husband.

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Children of a marriage belong to the father. This martyrdom is ritually observed throughout the year on every possible occasion. After the revolution, which toppled the Western-backed government of the Shah, who had led the country for nearly four decades, Iran officially became an Islamic republic governed by the laws of the Koran and the traditions of the Shi'i religion as interpreted by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Iran's Military Forces in Transition: With this complicated infusion of new elements and influences, it is hardly surprising that the Iranian art of this period shows a rich synthesis of novel characteristics.

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