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I hate strictly shooting games. According to the Symposium, Aphrodite Ourania is the inspiration of male homosexual desirespecifically the ephebic eros. My genuine interest and love for what I am doing sets me apart from many other Pro Dominatrix, but also in the fact that dominance has become part of my lifestyle.

Music, I think I can sing, and you'd be smart to tell me how beautiful my voice is.

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A Goddess, a savage, the One who gives your life meaning. I watched intently as she tied the fat pig to the bed and told him how small his dick was and we watched it raise In the most famous story, Zeus hastily married Aphrodite to Hephaestus in order to prevent the other gods from fighting over her.

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Goddess movement At least since first-wave feminism in the United States, there has been interest in analyzing religion to see if and how doctrines and practices treat women unfairly, as in Elizabeth Cady Stanton 's The Woman's Bible. It was something new and fun and most of all Empowering.

I always know what I want from you, and I know how to get it.

My parents had said I had "control issues" I hated being told what to do, I resisted all authority. I prefer to read fiction, I love fantasy and mystery books. Hinduism also worships multitude of goddesses that have their important role and thus in all came to interest for the New Age, feminist, and lesbian feminist movements.

While some who follow Wicca believe in a duotheistic belief system, consisting of a single goddess and a single god, who in hieros gamos represent a united whole, others recognize only one or more goddesses. I was introduced by a Pro Domina friend, she had been telling me for some time about her slaves and I had taken great interest, eventually she took me to a session with one of her slaves.

I weight lifts and I love to swim. Hiking, one of the reasons I moved to Vancouver was the hiking trails, the nature, the ocean. I've been practicing yoga since I was young but had stopped for awhile and am recently getting back into being a flexible doll again.

However, other versions of her myth have her born near the island of Cytherahence another of her names, "Cytherea".

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Spirituality, I am extremely spiritual though I was raised Christian. The alteration from b to ph is explained as a "familiar" characteristic of Greek "obvious from the Macedonians ". Although I am young, it may make it seem I am unexperienced but I was introduced to the Pro Dominatrix lifestyle at the young age of Shakespeare had several of his male characters Dating goddess female characters as goddesses, including Demetrius to Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream "O Helen, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!

Dominance and Submission is something natural, I am not into forced.

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I always strive to Dating goddess my best, and your submission to me should come easily. I love Van Gogh, who is Dutch; as is my heritage.

Since then I have taken many slaves, with different arrays of kinks and interests. The Phoenicians, in turn, taught her worship to the people of Cythera.

Epithets of Aphrodite Aphrodite's most common cultic epithet was Ouraniameaning "heavenly", [43] [44] but this epithet almost never occurs in literary texts, indicating a purely cultic significance.