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When you find an "Old" political name Western dating the globe instead of a "New" political name, you have confirmed the approximate age of your globe.

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Malay states become independent. Congo changes to Zaire. How often did the manufacturer print new map gores?

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Instructions You can determine an edition date by comparing your globe or map to the listing. Palestine becomes British mandate. However, if you require a more precise age estimate, you should contact a professional antique appraiser who has experience and expertise in the area of dating World Globes.

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Questions about your old globe? Others collect world globes because they are beautiful to look at. Indonesia annexes Portuguese Timor.

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Iraq independent from Britian. They were purchased by the Library of Congress in from Harold F. While the dates for most political changes can be precisely determined, the time lag for a given manufacturer to implement the change into their product lineup is less easy to determine.

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It was called Southern Rhodesia. If an edition date is not shown, you can determine the approximate date by comparing your globe to the following listing.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia - Czechoslovakia divides into Czech Republic and Slovakia - Eritrea was part of Ethiopia but seceded and gained independence - Palau was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands administered by the United States and gained independence as a former colony.

To assist you in locating places, we have provided a Region Map.

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The Listing of Global Changes provides major, selected political changes. Factors that come into play include: How much inventory did retail merchants have on hand? The larger the market share for a given manufacturer, the greater the volume of globes would have been as well as the resulting increase in the number of completed globes in the distribution pipeline.

Petersburg, Russia St. Links to possible sources of information and other suggestions are found Dating globes the end of this page.

June 3 - Serbia was part of Serbia and Montenegro also known as Yugoslavia became its own entity after Montenegro split. Share photos of world globes in your collection: With all of these considerations in mind it is clear to see that not only the year of manufacture, but especially the year of sale can be determined only as a range, rather than as a precise date.

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Papua New Guinea gains independence. This is the other end of the distribution pipeline. There are two primary elements in this Dating globes and they would have varied to some extent from manufacturer to manufacturer. After seeing a pair of terrestrial and celestial globes at Dartmouth College, he decided to make his own.

Globe Styles

North and South Yemen merge into one country, Yemen Namibia gains independence - Soviet Union dissolves into 15 new countries: British East Africa becomes Kenya. Annexed by Soviet Union Vincent and the Grenadines independence.

This city changed its name to Istanbul in If yes, globe was made after Petersburg was restored in If yes, then globe was made after Be aware that some political changes have taken place more than once, so any change must take into consideration all other political conditions present on the globe.

Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge to form new country: On his business card he wrote that he was "now exhibiting for public inspection at the United States Library of Congress" a pair of thirteen-inch globes, and claimed he was "the original manufacturer of Globes in this country, and has brought the art to such a degree of perfection, as to supersede altogether the necessity of importation of that article from abroad.