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French cameo glass lessons — Galle blownout vases | Philip Chasen Antiques

Please click on the picture to see another Loetz vase. Please click on the picture to see three other pieces.

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Pairpoint puffy lamps are basically the same as Galle blownout vases, except that the lamps were hand-painted and then fired, rather than acid-etched. Please click on the photograph to see this other vase.

Molten glass was poured into the mold to create a blank. Perhaps someone at the Galle factory first saw a Pairpoint puffy lamp and decided the technique could be applied to Galle glass? I just came back from a successful buying trip.


Over the next week, I will be adding to my website recently acquired Daum, Galle and R. Please take a look. Perhaps there was some trans-ocean cross-pollination between the two companies?

Two Galle clematis blownout vases in different colors Galle produced approximately fifty different models of blownout vases, from small to huge. Please send me your comments or questions about art glass, lamps, Louis Icart, shows, auctions, etc. The result was a raised design that could be seen and felt with your fingers.

They may also differ slightly in design, depending on the etching.

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The result was very effective, creating flowers or fruit or animals, that stuck out from the body of the vase and became three-dimensional.

Click on this link chasenantiques. The process was repeated as often as necessary to create the desired level of detail. The French makers were not content to make the same type of vases again and again, so they experimented with various techniques to achieve different results.

You will see from this blog that many of our rare pieces sell to other dealers.

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We welcome enquiries from collectors wishing to obtain such rare vases or from people who wish to dispose of collections or individual pieces. Click on the photograph for a picture of another stunning set by Karl Palda.

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From there, the techniques were the same — build up the layers of colored glass and then use acid to cut them back. Using this technique, the artists first had to carve an original model, from which a mold was made.

Monumental Galle calla lily blownout vase The basic technique used in the manufacture of French cameo glass was acid-etching. After the vases were built up with layers of colored glass, they were then cut back with hydrofluoric acid.

Please click on the photograph for a picture of the closed box.

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Two examples from the collection are displayed on this page, one of which also has the added technique of applied glass grapes. The majority of the iridescent glass vases were produced by Loetz along with other Bohemian glass manufactures while the Sterling Silver was applied in America by factories such as 'Alvin' and 'Le Pierre'.

Come and see us at Portobello Road on any Saturday. Please click on the picture to see a different example from our collection. The Market starts at about 5.

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They will differ in color, depending on the choice of colored glass used to cover the blank. Please click on the photograph to see the vase back lit. Portobello Road is a world famous, one day a week, Dating latino guy market only open on Saturdays.

Portobello Road Dating galle glass a very popular tourist attraction so serious antiques buyers should try to visit before I think that would be a great, fun challenge, but one has to have the means and the desire to achieve it.

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This "Bleeding Hearts" miniature pillow vase is a later production Daum creation in vitrified cameo glass with enamel detail. Blownout vases sometimes called mold-blown or souffle are highly desirable and collectible. Pairpoint puffy Apple Tree lamp Blownout vases can be of identical form, but not identical.

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If the 'trade' are buying our stock then collectors can be assured of getting pieces at very reasonable prices. We are always interested in acquiring similar rare Charles Schneider vases for our specialist collectors.