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Celeste And Jesse Forever: He has failed college entrance exams twice, due to his inability to deal with pressure.

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Rose suspects that they are getting back together. They used to be close childhood friends, but their breakup made it impossible for them to be as close as they used to be before they dated each other.

Lampshaded by Louie's ex-girlfriend Zena, who wanted to invite Lou to her wedding. Guess how it ends. Haruka's parents in Noein have come to terms with their divorce and are able to get along when together.

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Minato gets called out by Higa as being one during the 4th stage of the Sekirei Plan; thinking that Minaka had purposefully set the system up so that Minato would end up with a majority of the top-level Sekirei. Yoshino and Hachiken get along rather well, though they aren't particularly close, and their romantic involvement only ever existed in Tokiwa's overactive imagination.

Normally meek and insecure, but when push comes to shove he's stood his ground against enemy Sekirei without a second thought. Not that he isn't sexually attracted to his Sekirei apart from Kusanojust that he's resolved to avoid sleeping with any of them until they've escaped the Sekirei Plan and ensured that they can be together forever.

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Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Despite this and their eventually moving on to other loves and starting a family, the two remain close friends, with Leia visiting Jack as often as she can. Parker himself was Happily Married for over 50 years to his wife Joan. He's generally more flustered and nervous about the idea of sex than most of his harem.

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Even though they're no longer an item they clearly care for each other a great deal and have no apparent resentment or hard feelings over their breakup, and encourage each other to pursue new relationships.

Fan Works In Gender ConfusionDeidara and his ex-girlfriend are actually friendly enough that she invites him to her wedding. For appropriate comedic effect.

They haven't split up because of the usual reasons, but because of different opinions on how the problems of the main plot ought to be solved.


In the sequels he grows close to Lucy, his ex's daughter with her new husband, who even calls him "Uncle Scott. You Are Not Alone: The get married to avoid immigration on the promise to divorce as soon as possible, only to find out that this is only allowed with cause which means in Barryaran law, roughly the same as would be familiar on Earth plus "concealed mutation".

In fact, they both count as being among each other's best friends. Takes the whole "Battle Alien" thing in stride. Fake dating trope kindhearted and understanding guy all around.

She's proud of him for what he's done, but, being the troll she is, ends up arresting him and the Sekirei anyway.

Omaha the Cat Dancer had the title character being forced to confess that she was married to a long separated man, but never formally divorced. Cher Degre and Hubb Lebowski of Wolf's Rain get along professionally, though there is definite tension in their relationship, and they split mainly because Cher was so caught up in her work that their relationship suffered.

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In Harry Potter Fanonit is strangely common to portray Tonks and Charlie this way, simply because they're the same age and both are rather adventurous. England and America are different.

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Sara and her ex-husband Roland get along well together. Punched Across the Room: Things are awkward for them for a couple of episodes after they break up, and then everything's fine. Minato's never safe from the suffering his mother and sister put him through.

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Hope lies in the last remaining one who has overcome every catastrophe since the time of legends.