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In Steinweiss also developed the packaging for the new 33 r. A record playing 2 minutes versus 4 minutes spins at exactly the same speed?


We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. These labels do not have any text across the bottom.

Atco proved to be a profitable venture with the Coasters and Bobby Darin as artists, but even the establishment of the Atco label failed to solve the problems between Herb Abramson and Ahmet.

White with die cut corners. We have no association with Atlantic Records.

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Columbia wanted new recordings of their growing star as quickly as possible, so Alec Wilder was hired as an arranger and conductor for several sessions with a vocal group called the Bobby Tucker Singers.

But he continued to be much in demand as an album cover designer, especially for classic music. Atlantic's business practices allowed them to hire the best musicians in the business. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography which are all out of printwe suggest you see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and follow the instructions found there.

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With these factors applied to the inch format, songwriters and performers increasingly tailored their output to fit the new medium. By this time, Alexander Graham Bell helped to patent a competing sound recording technique, leading to a diverse marketplace for those wishing to purchase this new technology.

Ahmet left to find McPhatter, and an hour later he located McPhatter in a rented room in Harlem rehearsing a new group.


Singles have generally been more important to artists who sell to the youngest purchasers of music younger teenagers and pre-teenswho tend to have more I hate interracial dating yahoo answers financial resources.

All Cadence shipments were stopped on August 24,and in early September Bleyer announced that on September 25,he would officially close the company and retire with his wife to her native Wisconsin.

Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, copying, and hiring of this record prohibited. It is very old and the gas tank is on the right side. Hoping for a new image, Bleyer again changed the label design indumping the metronome for a more modern red label with the label name around the edge.

Before that, the albums were sold in plain brown sleeves, with a cardboard outer jacket and just the name of the artist stamped on the front. InAretha Franklin's contract at Columbia was up.


Ahmet agreed, and Darin had an immediate smash hit with "Splish Splash. From onward, he made portable? Through his work at Billboard, Wexler came in contact with Ahmet Ertegun, who asked him to come to work for Atlantic as a producer.

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In addition, the larger surface area of the inch discs allowed for wider grooves larger amplitude and greater separation between grooves, the latter of which results in less cross-talk.

While at Kansas University, he started writing for the school paper.


Edison This Edison cylinder phonograph has a swan-neck horn that was offered initially as a special order option, and later as a standard feature.

The record stiffed, and Bert Berns, the song's writer, was incensed when he heard it. Wexler was impressed with the easy un-pressured atmosphere in the Stax studios where singers worked with the house band Booker T.

His stylized images, with playful typography and eye-catching illustrations, have all the qualities of the great posters from the s.

In he signed an unknown husband and wife singing duo who had once been called Caesar and Cleo. His paintings on the covers for Miles Davis and Santana visualised theirs new mind-expanding music, and probably the covers today are even more recognizable than the music itself.

He asked Dorsey to be godfather to his daughter Nancy in June Are you thinking of starting a phonograph collection? On December 5,Billboard changed the rule to allow airplay-only songs onto the chart.

But a few years ago this writer saw a copy of an album by singer-actor John Gabriel who played a sportscaster hired by Mary Richards on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and was her date in a few episodes.

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The first and last song on side 1 have the publishing credits changed to Lupus Music Ltd.: Electric phonographs and modern wind-up reproduction phonographs are beyond the scope of this advice.