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Evan’s Coaching Style? He’s a Personal Trainer for Love

My job is to take women from all over the world and help them find quality guys, navigate the tricky waters of dating, and teach them to create healthy, lasting relationships. Online dating profiles led to online dating coaching.

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Love U is a six-month video curriculum that includes 30 minutes of content every week. Only agreeing to go on dates with guys who I felt I had a real connection … only to realise the guys I had most connection with in real life were ones I would have probably dismissed online.

While each woman was unique, the story that brought her to him was often similar. Lots of people have chemistry; few couples have true compatibility that allows two people to live together for a lifetime.

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These days he gives advice specifically to women. And frankly I find telling people to act a certain way to attract men pretty offensive and old-fashioned!

Online dating for over 30

How does that make me less qualified than a married man who has only dated vicariously in recent years?! For the intelligent and independent woman seeking a man of equal stature to stand by her, Evan Marc Katz has some advice — be the CEO of your love life.

Channeling a Passion for Writing, Evan Does More for Daters

I wrote it because men like Katz are the ones who need to be outed. It was an instant hit.

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The reason she wrote to me is because she was having lunch with year-old woman from Los Angeles who ALSO took my course and got married. A few years into e-Cyrano, Evan expanded his services to accommodate their needs in the form of date coaching.

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She is now happily married. But as a rule of thumb, everyone should strive to become the CEO of their own love life, instead of acting like the intern.

Interestingly, his name came up in a brainstorm I was doing earlier this week for my new job role. Tell men who only contact you for booty calls to keep doing it.