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Barbara Gordon formerly Batgirl and Oraclefrom Batman and Birds of Preyis wheelchair-bound, but she can still kick your ass.

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PhoenixCyclops and Nightcrawler arrived in response of the message just in time to save her from Hellfire Club mercenaries. Subverted though, as at the end of the episode, the blind girl touches Kenneth's face for the first time and brushes him off immediately.

Thorgil, Jack's love interest in The Sea of Trollsbecomes this after she quite literally breaks her hand punching out Satan. She's also blind, and weak-bodied, but that never seems to trouble her.

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And had the show received a fifth season, the deaf character of Emma would have become Peter's love interest. She then inquires how is it different from their current course. She deems the body's performance "adequate" regardless of whether Shepard already went on a mission with her or not, but Joker tells her it's not the word he'd use.

The headaches were a result of Kitty's mutant power emerging.

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He's just a typical horndog chasing after a pretty girl. Powerpuff Girls Z is a boy she met as a little girl. She succeeds in recovering Vendetta, and proceeds to listen to the VI's revelations before it's interrupted by a blast.

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Not a full-blown Love Interestbut there's some mutual flirting between Marco and Collette, one of the disabled teenagers who make up the Auxiliary Animorphs. If Legion was present, EDI notes that Dating club thane referred to itself as "I" instead of "we" and that in its last moments, it was no longer an avatar of the geth consensus, it was a person, to which Shepard agrees.


They believe the Nord people of Windhelm have always seen them as outsiders and hated them because of it. And now it's our job to grow that future into a legacy. From Creature TechKatie. Afterwards, Kitty's father was furious at Xavier for the danger he believed he had placed his daughter in.

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Further, EDI says to Speed dating musulman toulouse exasperated Shepard that krogan would also require sedatives, as they fight among their own kind in enclosed places such as starships.

Some say that the Nords of Windhelm sequestered the Dunmer from the other citizens in this "Gray Quarter" [6] [7] [8] [9] in reference to the Dunmer skin color. She is clearly Dating club thane, but she's got no problem doing vigorous woman-on-top-sex with the essentially clueless Dolarhyde.

If Shepard espouses the belief that synthetics' purpose is whatever their creators designed them for, EDI points out she no longer serves Cerberus' purposes.

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EDI however doesn't like it as it relates a lot to racial stereotypes on both sides. Film — Animation Francis from Felidae bonds with a pretty female cat named Felcity who is blind.

When Earth was invaded, she hacked the docking clamps and escaped with Joker.

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Why won't you look at me when I'm talking to you? This is an interesting subversion because he is the Inspirationally Disabled one, not her.