The Dating Cleanse: When it's Time to Take a Break The Dating Cleanse: When it's Time to Take a Break

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It was also the fire I needed to start building friendships based in common interests and similar life goals, instead of simply adopting people based on proximity what we do through most of our younger years.

I have a book to show for my "time off," as well as great friends and a better appreciation for my own intricately crafted journey into the future.

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When you are in a relationship, you're integrating your life with a partner's, adopting mutual goals and routines—which is why breakups are so darn difficult. Hide, pause, or delete your online profile s. You need to disentangle your life from another person's, and decide which desires are truly your own.

Your work often gives you satisfaction in a way no partner ever will.

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I was a woman on a mission, slowly wondering what on earth I was doing. Total buzzkill for date night, right? Decide how long you want to realistically commit to. You need to meet like-minded people, invest your time, support each other through big milestones, and eventually form lasting bonds.

Being completely present for that kind of physical connection is truly one of the most magical things ever.

Life Changes

I look forward to someday finding someone to date and fall in love with again, but until that day I still want to aim for my goal of not dating until after I graduate.

Getting straight-A report cards or landing big assignments were little "accomplishment" highs that helped carry me through even emotionally crummy periods of my life.

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She lives in beautiful San Francisco with her boyfriend. If alcohol is a regular crutch for you in social situations, it can be a fun and interesting experiment to learn to connect and relax without it.

I started out having a few just here and there. This Is Exactly What I Say When People Ask Me Why I'm 30, Single, and Childless Women don't need relationships to survive; such is the beauty of a society that no longer measures our worth by the rings on our fingers, and provides larger career opportunities than ever before.

I suddenly woke up one day boyfriend-less and nearly friend-less, which was insanely difficult. Life Changes Photo taken by me in Summer One of my biggest wake ups I had recently is that I noticed dating is no longer exciting to me.

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And that's more than enough to tide me over until I am really excited about the potential of a maybe-relationship with someone new. We are graduating from college in record numbers, flooding the workforce and demanding equal treatment.

Focusing extra time on that major aspect of my life again? Tune in to your gut and your energy to feel when a rest is calling.

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As an introvert, dating overwhelms me under the best of circumstances. And it was glorious.

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I still remember the sad realization I had one morning with my ex, when I ultimately decided to pull the plug on that relationship: