How to cut the internal taper on a magneto gear? How to cut the internal taper on a magneto gear?

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They give an indication of what can be done but they do take time and that has to be reflected in the charges we make.

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You can now buy these bare castings from the Castings page in our Sales section. We do like a challenge - some of them can be seen here!

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A common problem - a broken slip ring, this time from a Simms C4. See how we repaired it here The top points plate from a Splitdorf NS2 was made by a previous 'repairer'. No way could an angle spec for a taper be as precise on a shop floor as the direct measurement method due to the inaccuracies of computation A helicoil repair was done to the magneto body and a new anchor manufactured using the original as a pattern.

These base mount Bosch FU4B magnetos were quite easily converted to flange mount - a fairly common modification. This dynamo for a Harley Davidson was missing several parts when sent to us to overhaul.

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Apart from being too flimsy there was no means of adjusting the gap The retainer was originally made from 'pot metal' - now suffering from 'zinc pest'.

A fractured die-cast dynamo brush holder from a Lucas MDV magdyno together with the re-manufactured replacement.

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The easiest option was to make a new end in non-magnetic stainless steel. A replacement pickup for a UH magneto - always easier to make when the old one is there to copy!

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The cooling fan inside the dynamo is likely to draw any petrol vapour into the dynamo where it would be ignited by any sparks at the brushes. This anchor for an advance and retard cable adjuster was in very poor condition.

Some of the fine gauze on this Peugeot dynamo was torn, some was missing altogether. We made the lower points plate to the same pattern as the original.

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Over recent years there has been an increasing number of 'cottage industries' re-manufacturing parts for some of the more common units but what if it is from an obscure manufacturer?

Straightening this location clip for the rotor arm on a Voltex L4 magneto resulted in a piece falling off Originally Posted by stephen thomas Get some old texts on gaging and tool making and read them for inspiration, as well as small shop methods that may still be applicable for non-production environents.

A repaired distributor cap and sundry other parts manufactured from scratch for a Bosch RJMU 4 magdyno overhaul. We have turning, milling, grinding and drilling equipment as well as sheet metal fabrication and welding facilities.

The dynamo could then be fitted and used but the good thing is that, as and when the correct cap is found, the adaptors can be easily removed. Switch box for Henderson motorcycle manufactured from supplied drawing.

We are only prepared to do the type of work illustrated above as part of a complete overhaul.

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The following pictures show some of the jobs carried out in our workshops: Originally Posted by DaveE Not so long ago trig values were in books, interpolating between the numbers in the book was something everyone learned and shop calculations were done on paper