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The Facebook page is full of humor. Panda doesn't have the best of luck when it comes to getting dates; he gets demoted to a Third Wheel in "Panda's Date", while Grizzly and Ice Bear are enjoying their dates with Lucy the produce girl.

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It doesn't go very smoothly. Any time food is shown, it's usually in close-up and drawn with more detail.

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Their paws are stubby and although they have fingers, they stand on their stubs instead of flat on their paws. His nut allergies set up the plot of "Panda's Date. The opening sequence is essentially a collage showing off something that becomes relevant in every episode of the series.

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Aside from the three titular characters, "Food Truck" shows the animals at the park going through town robbing people, vending machines and ATMs to get money to pay for the Bears' calzone.

The unknown operator uploaded music clips which they legally owned the copyright to. This included the short duration of the tracks and the obscure artists behind them, as well as the low number of subscribers yet high numbers of listens.

When Chloe goes hyperactive and starts running around the library at high speed, the Bears stuff themselves with candy until they can keep up with Chloe and get her back on track.

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All this means the scam, while underhand, probably doesn't break any laws. In "Chicken and Waffles", Panda loses his contact lenses and must rely on Charlie to guide him to the restaurant to meet Grizzly and Ice Bear.

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They then set up thousands of accounts to continuously play back these tracks, likely using software bots to automate the process, to hack Spotify's pay-out system In a statement, a spokesman for Spotify said: Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The bears watch videos on Everyone's Tube.

While the protagonists are fairly nuanced, nearly every character in the series can be confidently lumped into either "outcast on the bears' side" and "ridiculously evil fratboy bully".

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Trust us, you will want a calzone after watching that episode! Other animals seem to show traits of this, such as the pigeons who run a stolen merchandise ring in "Our Stuff" and the animals in "Food Truck" who know how to use money.

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In "The Library", Grizzly tries to help Chloe stay awake so she can study for a big biochemistry exam by feeding her a bunch of candy from the vending machine.

He doesn't mean harm, but he is antisocial most of the time.

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In "Video Date", as soon as Grizz and Ice Bear disguise themselves as pandas, they get so caught up in the video chat with Celine that Panda gets demoted to a Third Wheel once again.

Whether or not it's intended to be played for laughs but there's quite a number of shots that focus on Panda's butt. If a song is played for less than 30 seconds, it doesn't generate any revenue.

While it's clear that San Francisco is just across the water, where in the East Bay the bears live hasn't been stated. An unknown operator, based in Bulgaria, uploaded music clips for which they owned the copyright to Spotify.

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