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Why or why not? My wife cheated on me once and it's just a matter of time when she does it again.

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Read More on Tinder and other dating apps. If two users Dating app windows phone each other it then results in a "match" and they are able to chat within the app. It even lets you know where they are when they send a text so if the employee texts they are home sick you can check the gps of where they were.

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Rad has also stated that Tinder filled a gap for social sites for meeting strangers, rather than connecting with people a user already knows. Connect with anyone you want and either one of you can send the first message.

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Jenish Bardoliya, Surat I would say above all this is an incredible app. Very awesome job, love this app!

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A tall order, especially in the online dating world. The location history tracking is great. Mobile application management Mobile application management MAM describes software and services responsible for provisioning and controlling access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps used in business settings.

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In an interview with Time, Wolfe explained that Bumble is about igniting change, creating a movement: Are you that guy on Tinder?

But frankly if something's going on, I feel you'll be able to tell from texts, GPS and the call log.


Easy to use and extremely useful. We stand behind MissAlexisJones. Tinder is about making quick choices based on the appearance, which is what people actually tend to do when meeting a potential date for the first time.

This could change the way women and men treat each other, women and men date, and [how] women feel about themselves.

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Jeremy Lee, United States Thank you so much for providing a worthwhile product that actually helps parents to protect their kids. While it can also carry listings for traditional desktop programs certified for compatibility with Windows 8, it is primarily used to distribute "Windows Store apps"—which are primarily built for use on tablets and other touch-based devices but can still be used with a keyboard and mouseand on desktop computers and laptops.

It works great, better than I expected!