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Well-designed, easy to use and packed with singles, it's a solid option no matter what you're looking for. This is also a good way to find out how much you really like her. Rainaweather suggested to keep it as straight forward as possible: If you struggle in this area, the "fake it 'til you make it" maxim applies.

Not so easy, right?

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Here are the top 15 ways to ask someone to be your girlfriend. Would you happen to be single? Second, are there any children around? Just go for it.

Check Out Pinterest for Inspiration Seriously, Pinterest is a fantastic resource if you want to get creative with how you ask a crush to be your girlfriend. What was your level of rapport like?

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Not only is the necklace a piece of high-tech fashion, but boy will she be surprised when she scans it and receives a personalized message from you. Remember that it's possible that the girl of your dreams has a girl of her dreams, if you catch our drift.

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How do you find out for sure? If they're not, don't fool yourself that they are. Be straightforward and polite, and make your intentions clear: Glee Be Prepared For Possible Miscommunication "The nice thing about being a lady asking out ladies is that going out for coffee can just be going out for coffee as friends if they're not into you," said Melissa.

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The links are independently placed by our Commerce team and do not Cod skill based matchmaking editorial content. Are we seeing each other, dating, hooking up, hanging out, or what?

The ideal setting is going to depend somewhat on how well you already know this girl and where you tend to run into her most often through a circle of friends versus occasionally bumping into her at your local bar, saybut try to be conscious of asking her out in an environment where romantic advances are likely to be welcome.

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Wait, before I do, let me start by saying this: Does she ignore looks from Dating advice how to ask a girl out men? Again, this idea will really only work with someone who is outgoing and is a fan of unexpected acts of love.

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It can be embarrassing, for example, to ask a woman out if her friends or family are around and within earshot, and likewise if she's busy doing daily activities like commuting or shopping for groceries — it's likely she won't want to be disturbed in this case, and you're more likely to get an annoyed "no thanks" when you ask in inconvenient settings.

A recent client of mine experienced the same feelings.

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Have you spoken to her before and, if so, how well did the interaction go? Again, you don't need to be dressed like the nines and looking like a male model at all times; the point is to be fresh, clean and radiating self-respect.

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Midway through our sessions, he met a girl, went on a date, and kissed her. Do Some Basic Due Diligence To See If She's Available If the woman you're hoping to go on a date with isn't even single, you're going to be shot down pretty quickly, and that's a waste of time for everyone although, not bad practice!

Tell us in the comments! How do you find out without getting egg on your face?

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You will drastically increase your odds of success if you have a fresh haircut and clipped fingernails, and if you're freshly showered and smelling good and of a well-selected fragrance, perhaps.