How to date AA badges - and other memorabilia inc This Motoring How to date AA badges - and other memorabilia inc This Motoring

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During the s the wings were made straighter and pinions were given greater definition.

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Next is a chrome commercial vehicle badge, numbered V Many different styles of badges were produced over the years, depending on the era, the vehicle they were destined to be fitted to, and the country they would be dispatched to - South Africa, for example, had its own variation on the theme.

We know that they were issued in Apriland were of a uniform pattern. Some great photographs of AA patrol vehicles also feature, including a motorcycle and sidecar combination converted to carry tools rather than the mother in law.

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From tothere were square badges with a yellow background made; in this square was replaced with a round design. Here is a list of the most common AA badges in collections: Some handbooks were hardback, others, like this Members Handbook fromare a softback publication, in this case featuring an AA Patrol Austin Minivan on the cover.

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There was also a facsimile of Stenson Cooke's signature — large to start with, eventually made smaller, with the word 'secretary' added. As this increased to five digits and more it was impressed around the top of the circle.

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Some of the most attractive AA car badges are the chrome-plated metal badges in pristine shape that shimmer in the light.

Unlike some, this badge - a pre-war example - is flat and quite lightweight, but features a reasonable amount of detail to the winged wheel at the top. Different styles have different locations for the holes for screwing the badges onto the cars: The short-lived pentagonal light car badge, for two- or three-seater cars up to A few people could do with reading this section!

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I always try to have the correct year's AA handbook casually sat on the back seat, or glove tray, of my old cars. Every member of the Automobile Association received a car badge that could be attached to their vehicles radiator grill using screws.

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It had a shorter leg than later versions. Web sites also sell these AA car badges.

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Flipping back to the late s and the keen motorist would no doubt have this handbook nestled in his dashboard cubby hole. There are rumours that at the time Police officers often gave preferential treatment to motorists with AA badges displayed prominently on their cars.

It's worth noting the relative lack of detail to be found in the casting.