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A request for a hearing shall be made in writing within ten 10 working days following the date notice of the right to appeal is sent.


Due to their sensitive nature, Administrative Hearings are closed to the public. Should the dispute not be resolved at this level, the student may proceed to Step Two. Audited courses do not carry credits and are not counted as part of the academic load when full-time or part-time status is reported to the Financial Aid Office or to external parties such as the Social Security Administration, an employer, health insurance carrier, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

All inquiries and reporting of findings will be conducted in compliance with state and federal confidentiality laws. The goal of the project is to help participants improve their academic performance, stay in college, graduate from TCC and transfer to a four-year college or university.

The provost shall notify the student, instructor, and academic dean of this action.

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Policy Regarding Communicable Diseases Concern for the health and welfare of students and employees prompted the Board of Trustees and the Selective matchmaking of Delaware Technical Community College to establish a policy with regard to communicable diseases.

Students will receive W grades during the first 60 percent of courses. The selected advisor will be allowed to attend any related meeting or proceeding in a non-speaking capacity. As such, Holy Cross Holy prohibits, does not tolerate, will not condone, and takes all reasonable measures to prevent sexual misconduct of any kind.

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If you have questions about health insurance and need assistance in enrolling in a separate plan, Saint Joseph Health System Health Insurance Services provides our community with three convenient resource centers staffed with licensed insurance specialists where individuals and families can learn about and enroll in health insurance plans.

The mediator shall notify the Title IX Coordinator of the success or failure of the mediation. Therefore, all students will see the annual cost of the health insurance of 1, Subsequent program changes may necessitate course substitutions, but these can only be made with the approval of the appropriate division dean.

Statement of Nondiscrimination Policy

A College official chairs the Administrative Hearing. The presiding College official calls the Administrative Hearing to order, appoints the secretary, and chairs the committee.

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The Review Officer, Title IX Coordinator, or anyone having possession of any work product relating to the complaint shall not disclose, distribute, copy or transfer said work product to the parties or any third party. Timeframe for Resolving Complaints. Print this section Student Activities Student activities The State Board for Community Colleges encourages the development of a student activities program designed to promote educational and cultural experiences.

Use of the Delaware Tech computer and electronic networks is a privilege and all members of the College community who utilize these resources are expected to do so in an efficient, effective, appropriate, ethical, and legal manner that supports the mission of the institution.

The Review Officer shall disclose to the Title IX Coordinator of any potential conflicts of interest which would prevent him or her from conducting the investigation of alleged discrimination or sexual misconduct.

Unwelcome conduct does not have to include intent to harm, be directed at a specific target, or involve repeated incidents. The Title IX prohibits any retaliatory action or harassment by the respondent i. Delaware Tech provides its students with an intellectually and socially stimulating environment which empowers them to contribute successfully to a multicultural and global society.

The purpose and mission of the student ambassadors is to recruit, officially represent and positively serve Tidewater Community College; improve surrounding communities through diversely organized community outreach initiatives and instill leadership, pride and service by educating the College community about TCC.

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For the record, a copy of the report shall be kept on file in the division office.