5 years of dating, years living together and not engaged. Is it time to move on? : AskMen 5 years of dating, years living together and not engaged. Is it time to move on? : AskMen

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It involves your future as well as his so you deserve an honest response. Look, you both have a lot of living to do. On the other hand, if he is prepared to work on this relationship, then maybe try and make it work.

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He obviously has doubts for some reason. But as they said their vows, Hannah looked into his eyes and could read the reluctance.

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This is something that should have been discussed long ago and you should have set a timeline in your mind for how long you would wait before moving on; I think years is long enough, any longer than that is really pushing it.

Pamela Wander 2 Contributions If your boyfriend said 3 weeks ago that he wanted time although he loves you and now is behaving like you are back together how do you know if you really are? So he's bitter that we spent so much money on the wedding.

Did you ask him why he wanted time?

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Chalk this up to a learning experience. You've only been together 2 years But he views the relationship purely as one of convenience. Take the case of Tanya, 31, a graphic designer.

You sound like you are very young to have a job and means to make the money necessary to live on your own.

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What should you do if you were married and fell in love with someone else who was engaged and he said he was in love with you also but now he is married?

I don't know this man that you're with and I realize that much of my answer is along the jist of "move on.

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She arranged a romantic picnic on the riverbank, a trip to the ballet, and a weekend in Paris. September 19, at But I wasn't happy and neither was he.

Harry, 54, a businessman with a grown child, thought he was too old to marry a second time.