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If you select yes to one person, regardless if you match with them or not, you will not receive the Free Pass.

We are by far the most popular speed dating service in these markets. In today's fast paced society it can be difficult finding time to meet people on a romantic level. If you decide to attend another event with us you will meet all new singles and never meet the same person twice. Men and women, who may be on the lower or upper end of an age group, have the opportunity to attend events for two different age groups in order to find the one they like the best!

To receive the Free Pass to another event, you must be there for the entire event and log in within 48 hours of the event start time and select no to everyone. DateSwitch is not responsible for what happens between any individuals at DateSwitch speed dating events or in future meetings of any kind between two individuals who met at a DateSwitch speed dating event.

You very well could be single today and have several dates lined up the day after our event with people you already know you have interest. We allow 1 or 2 people of each gender to attend a younger age group, provided there are seats remaining once registration closes on the day of the event.

Information Regarding Age Groups Our events have wide age ranges.

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If you would like to do this, email info DateSwitch. You are eligible for one Free Pass per paid event. Fun, low-pressure, no strings attached way to meet a lot of area professional singles Face-to-face, One-on-one interaction with a lot of singles in your area also looking to meet Dateswitch speed dating like you.

We overlap the age groups in order to let you chose what event you want to attend — consider this an advantage!

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This event is open to everyone - both new and returning participants. If you need to check to see if someone you met previously will be there before signing up, then just email kathy dateswitch.

If you Dateswitch speed dating check yes to one another then you are a match. DateSwitch participants agree by signing up for an event that they will indemnify and hold DateSwitch and its subsidiaries, affiliates, venues, officers, agents and other partners and or employees, harmless from any damage, claim or liability.

Try the DateSwitch speed dating concept!

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Sign up to join our mailing list to be informed of events as soon as they are scheduled so you can be the first to sign up.

This event is like getting to go on a bunch of 5-minute "mini dates" in 1 night so you can quickly see who you have mutual interest in seeing again for "second dates!

We appreciate your understanding of this policy and how difficult it would be to organize events if we allowed people to just not show up and receive a rain check. It might give you a second chance to make an impression on them!

Register today because events sell out quickly. Men and Women Over 55 If you are just a few years over the age range for the event, you may still be able to attend. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this experience.

We do allow people to attend who are just outside this age range depending on seats available. However, DateSwitch events are large enough so there are always participants in attendance who are your age, regardless of whether or not your age is on the lower or upper end of an age group.

Many people also make a lot of friends through DateSwitch in addition to their romantic matches. It is usually rare that we have someone with no interest in anyone at an event, but the Free Pass option is available.

Also, you will be informed of any special promotions that may be offered. Come join us for an exciting night out and you will wonder why you never tried DateSwitch before now!

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Cancellation Policy No refunds or rain checks will be given as long as the event you signed up for takes place.