It's friday: Danny O'Donoghue - The Voice judge who has scaled the U.S. charts | Daily Mail Online It's friday: Danny O'Donoghue - The Voice judge who has scaled the U.S. charts | Daily Mail Online

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He was never in the "bottom three". On May 21,he was declared the winner.

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Within hours of the news becoming public, Danny was linked with his Voice act, Bo Bruce. She is a student at Florida International University and has been singing and dancing since she was a child.

Prior to Idol he worked as a bartender at the "Blank Slate" in Tulsa, where he would also occasionally play shows. A week before the Hollywood week, she was injured in a serious car accident. He was signed to Jive Records.

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At 31, with his plume of thick dark hair, his skinny frame and his casual appearance — T-shirt, jeans, Converse trainers — he could be any young man sitting opposite you on the bus. She sold her Dating yoga teacher horse in order to afford the trip to audition in Philadelphia where she auditioned with Amazing Gracea song she also performed during the Hollywood week.

But Luke soon finds out that they're being followed by bounty hunters out to get some kind of document which holds a secret to the Bensons' past. You never think of the consequences when you are being creative, you just deal with them after.

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There used to be girls hanging around outside the house. So she finds a legacy that the Dukes find in a mine under their property containing nine full barrels of shine.

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Boss Hogg uses this to his advantage, telling Bo that he is his long-lost son, "Bo Hogg. And that is really hard to deal with. However, all the entrants who signed the contracts didn't see the fine print that every loser will have to give up their cars to Boss Hogg.

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During the competition, he dropped using his last name because it was so frequently mispronounced 'eh-zee' and not 'EE-zee'. Since the age of 12, Ramiele has sung at various Filipino-American events. It would be great to sit beside him.

He had a rose tattoo done on his left arm to commemorate his dad and the date of his passing.

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We gave her a Zippo cigarette lighter in New York for her 21st birthday.