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Has being out affected your daughter either positively or negatively? She was uncomfortable about any specifics coming up, so I found ways to talk about issues, without indicating her specifically.

After the chaos in California from the Prop 8 vote, and the subsequent blame placed on the African American community I took on doing something to try and transform the dialog that was happening between the LGBT community and the African American Community.

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I plead the 5th on any details about that. Both Gloria and I had seen the videos, and thought the campaign was awesome… We also felt like it could use some that had a little fun in them.

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We create our experience. BGA Life had the opportunity to sit down with the actress as she talked about coming out later in life, dating while working in the entertainment industry and how both the black and gay communities could benefit from each other when it comes to pursuing full equality.

Being a mother for sure plays a role in how I date. When it came to your career, did you worry that your sexual orientation if known would hinder your movie roles?

Does being a mother play a big role in who you choose to date? How did the idea of Cherry Bomb come about? We were approached by Auto Straddle, and they requested that we shoot something to add to the project they were doing.

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Kids know what you teach them. I wanted it to be sexy and fun, but also informative, and to feel like you were sitting in on a conversation with dear friends. I was so grateful to see that Don Lemon came out. Did you receive any feedback from your submission?

I was going through what one of my co-hosts, Tatum De Roeck, dubbed as my lesbian adolescence.

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We should have a release date to announce soon. I do think there are ways to have the conversation, but the direct comparisons many make that are often laced with a sense of entitlement to sympathy and agreement because both groups have been oppressed is not helpful.

I would rather walk in who I am than constantly be looking over my shoulder as I grow my career.

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Dalila ali rajah dating episode that stands out to me the most is: I do completely and totally believe it is a civil rights issue, and yes, I do know that there are tons of hate crimes, but there was several centuries of slavery.

I took the idea to my friend Bethany Landing who is an accomplished producer, and asked her to help me bring it to life. My stand was really to be who I was, and live my truth.

The show was and idea that had been nagging at me for a couple of years before we shot the pilot episodes.