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D, will of the d.

In contrast to the openness of Luffy and other "D"-bearers, there are some "D. During a flashback, Gol D.

Observers have expressed shock and confusion at this phenomenon, unable to believe that someone could so thoroughly come to terms with the end of their life.

Rouge is seen both crying and smiling when she named Ace, dying shortly after. She told Dalton that Chopper had joined up with a very dangerous man.

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In the same vein is an unusual behavior that seems to be common to "D. He is the only known giant who carries the middle initial "D. Roger complains that the World Government is calling him "Gold Roger" instead of his real name.

According to Rosinante, the "D.

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When Whitebeard attacked him at Marineford, he started to panic and begged for mercy. Roger cryptically agreed to explain it, though the scene fades before he actually says anything.

Roger is the first and, as of yet, only known "D. Gan Fall mentioned feeling that Luffy left the same impression on him as Gol D.

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Roger, the late Pirate King. These are things that cannot be stopped. One clue about those who carry the "D. So far this strange trait has been shown 6 times: Rosinante explained to Law that the "D. He later noted during the battle at Marineford that killing someone with a "D.

Saul displayed a lack of knowledge on the subject when Nico Robin asked him what it meant. The Mystery of D. It is still not clear exactly what he meant, but it hints that Silvers Rayleigh had a clear purpose for wanting to find Monkey D.

Luffy also fought and defeated Enelwho held the title of "God" of Skypeia. Rogerand some of the "D.

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Edit The bloodline of the Gol family. Kureha's talk with Dalton can be considered erroneous. Witnesses claim Gol D.

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Ace thanked everyone for loving him and died with a smile on his face. Those who bear the "D.

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Similarly, elders of that country seemed quite wary of the "storm" that those with "D. Oda just replied to read it as a D. The biggest mystery of "D. Ace dies with a smile on his face, a common trait among "D.

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Luffyhis biological father Monkey D. Water Law smirked at, mocked, and flipped off Donquixote Doflamingo when the latter was pointing a gun at his heart and preparing to shoot him, though he survived in the end. An apparently unique event within the enigma of "D.

He was then asked by Whitebeard what "D" is.

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Kureha was the first to mention the "will of D. Saulwho specifically said that, while he did not know the meaning of the initial, he did know everyone in his family carried it in their names.