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No one is holding you back but you. Look What They've Done to You With a desire to continue his education, Shawn didn't require much convincing to embrace Stephanie's dream to move to the Virgin Islands.

I but use you a minute, then I resign you, stallion, Why do I need your paces when I myself out-gallop them?

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This song is about the hurt of unrequited love and the pain of rejection. No singing of a bird, rustle of a tree For while I cannot love myself I'll use something else I'd rather see you up than see you down Major Kusanagi fits this trope perfectly when she's not working.

It's the miracle of life.

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New dreams for all of the children. While they're happy to pare their lives down to the bare essentials to enjoy coastal water sports with their dogs, their dream of beachfront living could wipe out their wallets.

About the dangers of alcohol.

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Deep in his heart, he's just, he's just a boy. Song is about self determinationpreserving cultural identity, promoting Black Nationalismand building a sense of community, pride, and unity among people of African descent. Then one day he was shootin' at some food.

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Whatever goes to the tilth of me it shall be you! All his life he's mastered choices.

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About the dangers of substance abuse and the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Real estate agent Mario knows her heart is set on leaving the suburbs behind, but he's not so sure his client is ready for urban life.

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A person has a difficult time accepting or coming to terms with the end of a relationship. Subverted with the game from which the anime was adapted See the Video Games section entry.

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