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The South African English equivalent is "hey", for example "Eish, its cold hey? A favourite side-dish for Afrikaners, the name "patat" "pah-tut" can also become a pet-name or term of endearment.

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The closest English equivalent would be "hair-raising". Afrikaans 'skeef', skew skiet kat - Vomiting skop, skiet en boomklim — literally "kicking, shooting and climbing trees".

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Refers to an event that happened a while ago, though still within 12hrs. Charlie Duncan 4yrs old and Toby Duncan 1yr oldfrom the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlieare 12 and 16 years younger respectively than their older middle-brother Gabe Duncan. Derived from a man of unknown origin known as "Siebies" short for Siebert or Sieberhagen soos 'n poep innie bad - lit "like a fart in a bathtub of water".

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Meaning the argument being presented is falling on deaf ears due to either a much more intimidating defense, or just plain ignorance, i. Refers to an erect penis. Compare the US slang word phat. Used when frustrated about spending all your hard-earned money on family, or friends, and having none left for yourself.

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Can also refer to a Band-Aid. You're trying to tell me that horseshit is figs! Refers to a very small amount of something, similar to "bietjie" a little bit khaki — derogatory term for an English person. Used in conjunction with "lag my gat af" laughing my arse off.

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So once or twice a year, students are encouraged to come to school in their civvies. It takes its Afrikaans name from the ystervark Afrikaans for porcupine due to its resemblance to the animal.

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The plural of the word "klok" derived from "clock". Based on the word hulle they.

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It also refers to "run very fast" "Daai man hol so vinning"; "That man ran so fast". Die man is te flou — "The man is too weak".

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Poesklap therefore is far more life-threatening than a "bitch-slap". Refers to the British soldiers of the Anglo-Boer Wars that wore red coats.

Make sure you include as much relevant information on your dating profile that is likely to attract other users to you. Can be compared to " fairy ". A film based on the song was eventually released in Usually used to discipline a child. Refers to blatant ignorance against any person or object, no matter the consequences.