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Unfortunately, the -8 accessory case is made of magnesium, so traditional weld repairs are not possible. The bracket was mounted to the top bucket just to illustrate how it works. The A is a good engine, but tapered cranks tend to be cracked at the keyway, the magnesium accessory cases tend to rot, the oil pump pockets go bad, and finding good cylinders can be a problem.

Continental hook up adapter getting level and stable in cruise, I found myself pulling VERY slowly on the mixture control or pulling and waiting a bit.

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Be sure to carefully inspect the fit of the fixed studs in the case halves. The best way is to pierce the seal with an awl in the center of the seal face and collapse it down or cut a section out so that you can get some pliers on it.

Using the screwdriver gently pry the metal ring out of place where it puts tension on the tabs that hold the cover on the top shell.

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You can get about starts from a battery and just top it off with a trickle charge each night. This kit was ordered for this car so it fit the lines of the bumper with no trimming.

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From my recollection off of the top of my head, all of the -8 engines use the same gears. If you decide to go with a new starter, use the Sky Tec.

Once the threads strip and the stud is pulled, the only way to fix it is to disassemble the engine. It was to small of a area when closed to finish the latching mechanism.

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I just read in the Globe Swift tech notes about how some paint strippers have a more acidic content than others and even some paint strippers that are labeled as an "aircraft" stripper may be using the Continental hook up adapter for sales purposes as opposed to a description of it's true compatibility with aluminum.

April Buying an A With No Logs I usually don't worry too much about lack of logbook information as the "current state condition" is really what counts.

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Packable duffels we tested starting at top, going clockwise: Room must be made for the rim to sit into the lower bucket. The plunger is a spring loaded device with a internal ball check valve that is pressurized with engine oil and takes up the lash in the valve train.

By seating it with your thumbs, the seal will be correctly positioned. The key is to press evenly so that the seal seats evenly.

What you’ll need:

Be sure to mark the prop and flange so that you can re-install the prop in the correct orientation. The cables keep it from opening all the way and prevents damage.

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After the hole was cut out we dropped in the rim to check how it fit in the top shell. A friend with one of the new Aero-Carbs is experiencing the same issue with leaning.