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In the s, the company began manufacturing steel plowshares and, bymade of them a day. Hope everyone liked this. When Alexander died inMelbourne dating online widow moved the family to Hartford.

Pic 1 states - Legitimus brand Collins Save using the best.

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Just imagine what the company saw over its tenure from to Collins were born into a wealthy family. This helped the buyer know it was indeed a true Collins.

Truper Herramientas continues to produce Collins axes. You can see they were very very proud and almost oppressive about the Legitimus mark and quality. Also, lets not forget at their prime they had 4 major plants going - one in Collinsville, one in Mexico, one in Columbia, and one in Brazil.

The company continued to function untilwhen it was bought out by Mann Edge Tool Co. I can see many a buyer technically buying the stamp and wording, and the axe just happened to come along for the ride.

That being said, you can build word of mouth by building the brand, the aura of the product you are selling. They combined the two into one major tool Collins axe dating that will live in the halls of axe history. The axes gained a particularly high reputation, and were well finished and ready to use out of the box.

Mann Edge still tried to use the labels for advertising though - but obviously it wasnt the same as what it used to be - This axe and hatchet are from the Mann Edge days - and upon inspection are of some pretty questionable quality.

Collins was also huge into the signing market - especially south of the USA - This is the same sign, double sided with different wording on each side. In three men, Samuel w.

In the company had to reorganize due to financial difficulties, and began functioning under the name The Collins Manufacturing Co. As the number of laborers grew, the company built housing for workers and their families, a Congregational church, bank, and other structures.


Ann Marie Somma has worked as a print reporter for several newspapers in Connecticut including the Hartford Courant. Throughout its year history, the company produced and sold axes, machetes, and other edge tools to most of the world. Shipments of coal transported to the factory, first by oxen then later by barges on the Farmington River, feed the forge fires.

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Some of the old Legitimus labels had spectacular graphics, raised lettering, colors, etc. While signs in spanish and portugese seem to be more plentiful, there were of course english signs as well - All 3 signs are relatively small, that is my pocket bushman I got off of fortytwoblades for comparison.

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The axe has the made in use label, yet a marking for mexico on the back Lets take a look at some - Homestead: Their presence, influence, and business tactics helped to set the stage for others as well.

As a result, the products have often varied accordingly. In the USA had 24 states! So, with that, they had to make axes especially for that market - Notice the paper label - it is in spanish.

Also another way of advertising is through producing other lines for other companies or institutions - You might of heard of this major Collins axe dating - Boys Scouts Collins - Front side of hewing hatchet - Back side - stating W. Axe production continued until