CMT films 'Sweet Home Alabama ' reality matchmaking TV show on Mobile Bay | CMT films 'Sweet Home Alabama ' reality matchmaking TV show on Mobile Bay |

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Travis Leonard, 27 - Nurse from Tarzana, Calif. He may have some wild ways, but this student still knows a thing or two about chivalry and romance. He's convinced you can't flourish and succeed anywhere else. Though the venue typically specializes in children's birthday parties, Kelsey was able to get the farm wedding-ready by adding her own personal touches to the venue.

In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys watching SEC football and spending time with her family, including her three sisters. Jason Johnson, 32 - Lumberjack from Lawrenceville, Ga.

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The city boys 1 Alex Stein A resident of Los Angeles, the mysterious year-old Alex is a salesman Dating my niece it shows in his every approach.

In she was crowned Miss Motorsports Hall of Fame, and with this title she was able to serve the community of Talladega and volunteer with children across the state. His parents have been together for 35 years. The year-old litigation attorney has big career aspirations, including opening his own practice in his hometown of Sacramento, California.

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Since Collin loves to be outside, the couple decided on an outdoor wedding. Sticking with the laid-back, out-of-the-ordinary theme, their NoLaborJustLove wedding was held at This season, 11 city slickers and 11 country guys will live together in a house in Fairhope, Ala.

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He says he wants a girl who will enjoy outdoor activities, but living in a tent might not be Kelsey's idea of "the life. The acre Griffin Farms in Helena provided the perfect backdrop for the big day. While filming in Fairhope, Alabama, Kelsey says she still was skeptical that she would find true love, but nevertheless enjoyed getting to know Collin.

What if finding his Southern girl makes him realize his dream isn't to settle down yet after all? According to Emilio, his father thinks he should head to Italy to find a wife.

Will a romantic tune pull Kelsey to Manhattan?

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Justin Barnes, 25 - Aviation defense from Grant, Ala. The sales representative is known for his impeccable style, which is often accentuated by flashy suits. In each one-hour episode, Kelsey will say goodbye to more of her suitors as she searches for her one true love.

The couple continued to date long distance for the next year until Kelsey moved back to Alabama in March of Is he just big talk? But it's not exactly what you think: He went from a football playin' Texan to a musician living in NYC.

For Collin, it was clear Kelsey was the one from the moment he met her. Over the next four months, before the show's finale aired in January, the new couple dated long distance and in secret.

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He's willing to fight for her, too, vowing to take down any country boys who stand between him and Kelsey. Is Kelsey adventurous enough? Collin, a construction-based landscaper, spent months re-designing his sister's backyard and used it as the backdrop to propose to Kelsey. Dash was involved in a car accident so serious that he left an imprint of his body on his friend's dashboard.