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A successor Trustee shall have all the rights, privileges, Circuit city liquidating trustee, and duties of his predecessor under this Agreement and the Plan. A member of the Oversight Committee may only be removed by entry of a Bankruptcy Court order finding that cause exists to remove such member.

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Embed from Getty Images Like a zombie refusing to go down for the count, one of the largest and longest-running corporate bankruptcies in recent Richmond memory lurches on. Any successor Trustee so appointed shall consent to and accept in writing the terms of this Agreement and agree that the provisions of this Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the successor Trustee and all of his heirs and legal and personal Dual lnb hookup, successors or assigns.

The first speed bump was due to the case being converted into liquidation after initially seeking reorganization.

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Such designation shall not require approval of the Oversight Committee or the Bankruptcy Court. The resignation shall be effective on the later of i the date specified in the notice delivered to the Trustee, the Oversight Committee and the U.

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The Oversight Committee must, at all times, have no fewer than three 3 members and no greater than seven 7 members. Any disputes with respect to the compensation or reimbursement of the members of the Oversight Committee shall be resolved by order of the Bankruptcy Court.

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Then there was the process of hunting for assets to pay back to creditors, which in some instances led to other drawn-out legal battles. Upon the resignation, death, incapacity, or removal of a Trustee, the Oversight Committee shall appoint a successor Trustee, who shall be a resident of the United States.

Then there were preference litigations — small cases that seek to claw back money for companies that did business with Circuit City in days leading up to the bankruptcy filing. Trustee; ii the date that is thirty days 30 after the date such notice is delivered; or iii the date the accounting described in the preceding sentence is transmitted to the Beneficiaries by first class mail, postage pre-paid.

That case was closed Dating a non religious person in lateseven years after its original filing.

Trust Agreement

It took a couple years after the original filing before a liquidation plan was agreed upon by creditors and confirmed by the court. So if the initial estimate in the Circuit City case was 16 cents on the dollar, claims traders would have bought claims from creditors at a discount from that, betting that the final outcome would be higher.

A full nine calendar years have passed since the company tumbled into bankruptcy protection with the hope of reorganizing and staying afloat. The case has trudged on longer than former Richmond-based peer LandAmerica, which went bankrupt a few weeks after Circuit City.

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Richmond attorney Doug Foley of McGuireWoods was on the legal team with colleague Sarah Boehm that represented Circuit City during the early stages of the Chapter 11 case, when it still was aimed at reorganizing. All costs, expenses, and obligations incurred by the Trustee or professionals who may be employed by the Trustee in administering the Trust, in carrying out their other responsibilities under this Agreement, or in any manner connected, incidental, or related thereto shall be paid by the Trustee from the Trust Assets and all such costs, expenses, and obligations shall be a charge against the Trust Assets.

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The Oversight Committee shall receive compensation and reimbursement of expenses in accordance with the Oversight Committee Bylaws. So the time it has taken to work through has been worthwhile. Any person serving as Trustee may be removed at any time for cause by a majority vote of the Oversight Committee.

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In August Judge Kevin Huennekens approved a motion to extend the term of the liquidating trust overseeing the bankruptcy estate through at least Nov.

A member of the Oversight Committee may resign at any time. The Trustee may resign at any time. About of those were filed, Cain said, resulting in various amounts coming back to the estate.

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Cain said there are four full-time and three part-time workers on that staff. Only two went to trial.

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In the event of a resignation, the resigning Trustee shall render to the Beneficiaries a full and complete accounting of monies and assets received, disbursed, and held during the term of office of that Trustee. Trustee or ii the date that is thirty days 30 after the date such notice is delivered.

The initial Trustee shall be Alfred H.

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In the event that a successor Trustee is not appointed when required under this Agreement and the Plan, the Oversight Committee shall apply to the Bankruptcy Court for appointment of a successor Trustee.

The remaining members of Oversight Committee may approve such nominee by a majority vote.

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Creditors have received distributions from the trustee over the nine years of the case, which originally estimated a recovery range of 8 to 32 cents on the dollar.

Claims traders, a somewhat obscure group in the financial world, gamble on how much money will be found in a bankruptcy case by buying debt claims on spec. The resignation, death, incapacitation or removal of the Trustee shall not terminate the Trust or revoke any existing agency created pursuant to this Agreement or invalidate any action theretofore taken by the Trustee.