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Danny, however, is the last to find out about the romance between Mac and Peyton episode 3. They then told Sal what happened and Sal told them he would help hide the evidence.

Mac is extremely worried for his stepson's life. Quinn hopes that other people can follow her example of openness, and emphasized repeatedly that she does not want to be seen as a victim.

The honor of his country through his military servicethe safety of his city through his work at CSIand the integrity of his lab by suspending or firing workers who fail to abide by the rules.

And the bad thing about isolation is I think it fuels more isolation. By appealing to the man's sense of military duty, Mac is able Christine taylor dating history get him to surrender.

He is in pain and in shock, but not injured. Their second encounter at the end of the episode is very different. At the beginning of Season Single country dating sites, he lost consciousness and after waking forgot what were the last things he did.

The pictures of Claire are actually given to Reed when Mac has invited him for burgers and gets a call, Mac asks Reed to "hold on to these for me.

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Crime Scene Investigation Christine plans to attend a restaurant convention in Las Vegas and Mac decides to surprise her there. Then Jimmy storms away.

They met when Mac caught him following Stella, who Reed mistakenly believed to be his mother. If someone opens the door to rescue him, they will be wounded with the shotgun. Mac and his team discover the NYC bomber to be a schizophrenic would-be Marine out to prove the vulnerability of the city to terrorist attack.

The long-running show ended in after seven years.

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He usually sacrifices his off-days when cracking a cold case or an urgent case episode 3. In the first half of season 3, Mac met Reed Garrettthe child that Claire relinquished for adoption before she met Mac.

When Lindsay finally gave birth to a baby girl, who she and Danny later named Lucy, Mac is asked to be her godfather. Fishel's mother became her full-time manager. Later, Mac sees him poisoning his canary until he is interrupted by a visitor, unexpectedly to be Peyton, Mac's ex-girlfriend whom he hasn't seen for over three years since his visit to London with her.

After the resolution of the crisis, Mac and the other CSIs stay by Flack's hospital bedside in shifts until he recovers. Mac jumps up and grabs the revolver while Andy draws a gun from his hip. Mac had a close friendship with fellow detective Stella Bonasera and was suitably concerned when she was held hostage in her own apartment by her deranged boyfriend, Frankie Mala, in 2.

Flack approaches Mac and reminds him that in those situations they are trained to kill, not wound the victim's arm.

Quinn moved to Manhattan, where she got a job as a housing organizer and shared a tiny one-bedroom walk-up in Yorkville with a high school friend. Duane and her girlfriend. They talk about the past and they rekindle their relationship. It appears that whoever is stalking Mac seems to know him intimately, as the calls keep coming despite him transferring to another hotel and changing his cell phone number.

Mac was a witness at Danny's marriage ceremony to Lindsay Monroe [16] and the godfather of their daughter Lucy.

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During the hearing, the prosecutor appears to be determined to destroy Mac's career, despite attempts by his colleagues to aid him in their testimony. Karaoke on MTV for one season. During his recovery, he sits on a chair in his apartment, which is positioned at his window, allowing him to spy on his neighbors in a Rear Window -esque way.