Money Questions for Dating Couples Money Questions for Dating Couples

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I used to respond to those events by burrowing away, working harder to keep it from occurring again or trying to ignore it altogether.

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How have their attitudes influenced you? How did he do it? What are the financial plans for your children should you die or be unable to work?

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How do you see us becoming one with our finances? Community is so helpful in appealing to other people. Specific questions for pre-stepfamily couples: So, how do you avoid committing sexual sin, how do you remain pure?

Do we both have a solid understanding of what God says about handling money?

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If so, how much is in it? And neither should we. What is your attitude toward debt? How do you feel about gift-giving? It used to be pretty easy.

And somehow dating, pursuing marriage has become really, really difficult. This may be as simple as closing a credit card account or as complex as refinancing a mortgage.

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Is any part of it obligated to a former spouse? What percentage of our income do you want to give?

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Do you have a retirement plan? So there ought to be the growth of that desire, yet it ought to be kept under control until it can be consummated within the marriage relationship.

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Are we dating now? If an ex-spouse is unwilling to do their part, how will we handle it? What happens to them when the surviving spouse dies or remarries?

Until that stage, you must treat her as a mother, treat her as a sister.

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Of course, every couple has specific circumstances that they should address before they marry, but in general these questions are a must to discuss.

Who do you prefer to give to—church, ministries, the poor and needy, etc.? So, somehow between when I got married and today, all sorts of weird things have happened.

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Diversify by Doing Something Jesus had a distinct purpose for his life, knew what it was and worked toward it each and every day on earth. What do you think we should spend on our wedding? And then the patriarchy movement came along with this idea that you needed to do courtship, that that was the right Christian dating finances to date.

Reinvent Yourself for a New Start There are probably many other thoughts, just as real and just as diverse.

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What expectations do you have for me to support your family? So, use that basis, find other things in scripture that just lay down the challenge.

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However, I now see those unforeseen changes as a chance for growth. Print this list and starting talking. Find an older couple, give them absolute freedom to ask you difficult questions, and then commit between the two of Christian dating finances, you will always ask, no answer honestly.

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Who will manage the investments and what is your investment philosophy? Will we give allowances and in what amount? To what extent should we help if we have needy family members? What was your previous spouse's attitude toward money, spending, and saving?

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Before we face a similar situation in other areas of our lives, we have a magnificent opportunity to diversify ourselves and learn to better adapt to our situations.