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Which movie made you popular? I have seen little traces. But I still had the determination that I would go back to school.

Yo-pop and Afro-juju Two of the biggest stars of the '80s were Segun Adewale and Shina Peters, who started their careers performing in the mid-'70s with Prince Adekunle. If we want them to act in our movies, we would have to call them and vice versa. Interestingly in my acting days, I believe I portrayed the role well so all I have to do now is acquire the correct skills and maybe that will allow me to contribute to our country in the future from a legal perspective not politically.

His death from AIDS in sparked a period of national mourning that was unprecedented in documented Nigerian history.

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Our appreciation to Okezie Ihekwaba for contributing his invaluable collection of MP3s. I have a lot of projects on my table and I also have a new management team that is working hard. I am not and my family knows that. The same period saw the rise of new styles like the funky juju pioneered by Dele Taiwo.

Are you still willing to give marriage another shot? What were some of the challenges you faced at the beginning of your career?

By the end of the '80s and early '90s, Afrobeat had diversified by taking in new influences from jazz and rock and roll. I can never wear bum shorts, except in movies. I like looking good and I spend a lot of money to achieve that.

Nigerian music also uses ostinato rhythms, in which a rhythmic pattern is repeated despite changes in metre.

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The result was that highlife ceased to be a major part of mainstream Nigerian music, and was thought of as being something purely associated with the Igbos of the east. It is a fusion of American funk music with elements of highlife, jazz and other styles of West African music.

I am political in the sense that I am opinionated about world politics and am not afraid to share my thoughts but I could never get involved as I am emotional at times. After the civil war in the s, Igbo musicians were forced out of Lagos and returned to their homeland.

Mensah, easily the most popular highlife performer of the s, toured Igbo-land frequently, drawing huge crowds of devoted fans. With age I have come to understand that I enjoy the comforts of life but can do without as I have discovered my source of happiness is totally devoid of my wallet… that for me is joy Top 5 things to do before you retire?

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His work became a formative influence on the developing fuji style. What are your biggest achievements? His success opened up the field to newcomers, however, leading to the success of Fabulous Olu Fajemirokun and Adewale Ayuba.

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Traditional stars included the Hausa Dan Maraya, who was so well known that he was brought to the battlefield during the Nigerian Civil War to lift the morale of the federal troops. I look at my mom to this day in absolute awe of the confidence with which she inhabits the world.

Ronnie Graham, an historian who specialises in West Africa, has attributed the success of the Nigerian music industry to the country's culture—its "thirst for aesthetic and material success and a voracious appetite for life, love and music, [and] a huge domestic market, big enough to sustain artists who sing in regional languages and experiment with indigenous styles".

Afrobeat Afrobeat is a style most closely associated with Nigeria, though practitioners and fans are found throughout West Africa, and Afrobeat recordings are a prominent part of the world music category found throughout the developed world.


My name is Faithia Williams. Ayinde's rival was Ayinla Kollington, "Baba Alatika," known for fast tempo and dance-able brand of fuji, who also recorded hit albums like "ko bo simi lo'run mo e, in the 80s he released "ijo yoyo, Lakukulala and American megastar" to mention few of his successful albums.

I would be a tennis player. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. But the most important thing is that the person must be God-fearing.

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Free dating websites in glasgow, after few years of acting, I travelled to the United Kingdom. Obey's lyrics addressed issues that appealed to urban listeners, and incorporated Yoruba traditions and his conservative Christian faith.

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That was when it occurred to me that I could take it up as a sustainable career.