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Eric demands that she and the other initiates follow him to Chasm. He and Tris head towards Candor. At first, Christina can't forgive Tris for killing Will, and tells Cara, Will's sister, that she doesn't understand how Tris could kill Will.

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A test is overseen by Jeanine Matthews, played by Kate Winslet, complete with blue suit and severe blonde bob, and administered by Maggie Q's character Tori. He gets the nickname "Four" from his instructor Amar due to having only four fears: In Allegiant, in which he serves as a co-viewpoint character, he alongside Tris, Caleb, Christina, Peter, Tori, Uriah, and Cara, takes part to escape from Chicago to find out about their surroundings and arrives at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, where he is reunited with his long-thought-to-be-dead mentor, Amar.

The Enchantress appears alternately as a regal glowing crowned goddess and a dirty skittering demonic creature; if you didn't recognize her distinctive face, it would be surprising to learn that this unsettling character was played by one of the most glamorous and beautiful women in the world.

After all, it's about a team of supervillains recruited from prison by the military to stop an ancient witch from destroying the world. Edit Christina meets Tris again when the Candor are retraining her and Four. Four is indirectly responsible for the explosion that causes Uriah's brain damage and eventual death, which he feels a deep guilt with that he never lets go for the rest of his life.

With that kind of premise, it was always sure to be a film with varied and interesting costumes and makeup.

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Christina buys Tris' lie, though she tells her to "not do anything stupid. Although he grew up in England, his birth parents were Nigerian, and he often plays African characters. Despite her injuries, she manages to stay there for five minutes.

Soon after, Edith Prior's video is played, and Christina watches it along with Tris. His early death is hardly a surprise, since he's the only supervillain in the movie who isn't given an introductory flashback, as if announcing to viewers that he doesn't matter and won't last long.

The following night, Tris wakes Christina up and tells her that she's going to Abnegation to see her brother, but she actually goes to Erudite to turn herself in as a Divergent.

And there is another indication that their bond has deepened when Four declares: Christina realizes what happened with Will after seeing how the simulation works, and tells Tris afterwards that she has forgiven her.

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He also carries around a stuffed pink unicorn, for reasons that are never adequately explained. Tris falls for her trainer Four, and their relationship develops when he removes his shirt to show her his tattoos Lucky girl!

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Tori, played by Maggie Q, administers the test that reveals Tris to be divergent Eagerly awaited: She is affected by the simulation when Erudite turn the Dauntless into mindless soldiers in order to kill Abnegation.

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Tris traces his tattoos, which represent the five factions of their society, with her fingers Changing from a feminine grey dress into black combat fatigues, a blonde Totally free gay dating uk undergoes a transformation from unassuming member of the Abnegation tribe of her parents, to an ass-kicking heroine who falls for her trainer and mentor.

Smith got his start in the s as the rapper known as the Fresh Prince, which he spun into the popular sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scenethe retelling of chapter thirteen of Divergent from Four's perspective, it is revealed that he was going to leave Dauntless and become factionless but after meeting Tris, who like him came from Abnegation, decided to stay for her. Eric, along with other Dauntless traitors, attacks Candor but gets caught.

During simulation initiation, he finds out that Tris is Divergent like him; he tells her to be careful about it and deletes the footage of the incident. When Tris comes back and tries to stop him, he attacks her under the influence of serum but she Cast of divergent dating not want to hurt him at all which cause him to break his simulation and he along with Tris stop the Erudite simulation and free other Dauntless.

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But whatever you thought of it, you have to admit it was full of uniquely strange-looking characters. Cara, however, says that she can understand, because the simulation completely detaches the person from reason or emotion.

This made Christina dislike Four at first.

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Angered, he blames Caleb, who delivers Tris' final words to him, and almost strangles the now-blank David. This is because he is jealous of Four since their previous leader Max wanted Four to take his place as a Dauntless leader instead of Eric, and Four placed higher in initiation.

His usual look is basically identical to Rick Flag, facial hair and combat gear aside.

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