Which Superhero are you? Quiz Which Superhero are you? Quiz

Buzzfeed superhero hookup quiz, videos | quizzes

Do you have one object that you highly value?

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Regardless, BuzzFeed's ultimate guess was hilariously high. How do we, collectively, define one of the most pervasive terms of this generation? Do you like bad boys or girls?

Are you an intelligent geek? Do you have a dark personality? Do you know which superhero is the most popular? Are you easily angered?

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As I noted in a previous articlea hookup is, by definition, ambiguous. Sure, romantic trysts are hardly a modern phenomenon, but the normalcy of "hooking up" is indeed very recent. Great question, my friend.

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And if you thought that Dating hollywood u rising stars confusing and sad, here comes the really confusing and sad part Are you a persistent do-gooder?

What are the best superheroes? A growing number are now insisting that we can't combat rape without ending the hookup culture. Are you obviously powerful?

In fact, to say, "We are hooking up," is basically to say that you and someone else are consistently physical with one another, with zero strings attached Conversations and headlines about today's "hookup culture" have inundated readers since aboutwith articles like this one in the New York Timesor this one in The Atlanticor this one in TIMEor this one in the Washington Post.

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Do you have hidden strength? Are you a fast runner? So, I copied the link and shared it with 10 friends male and female via Gchat, shamefully perpetuating the BuzzFeed click cycle.

At the very least, these discrepancies certainly make it hard to admonish BuzzFeed for its outlandish guesses.

Which Super Villain are you? Quiz

Do you like to be in the limelight? This super hero personality test, quiz, survey will help you to see which popular superheros you most resemble. Once my 10 friends agreed on the terminology, classifying a hookup as anything from making out to sleeping together, only Buzzfeed superhero hookup quiz of the 10 polled could name the number of people they'd hooked up with.

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You would think, by now, we'd at least have come to a consensus on what the term "hookup" means -- if not its moral implications. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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And yet, despite its relative newness, the deleterious implications of the hookup culture are already all too real, with more and more wondering if it's contributing to the escalating rape epidemic on academic campuses across the country.

How much more outlandish are they than yours, really? I'm sorry to admit that I contributed one of those many self-indulgent clicks when the aforementioned "hookup quiz" appeared on my newsfeed.

Do you like animals? You may ask yourself, "Which Superhero am I?

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Out of primal, self-centered curiosity, I took the quiz, which -- among many bizarre questions -- asked me what my choice pizza topping would be, and provided a list of possible answers. Are you a loner? Do you wear thongs?

Perhaps it was the "exotic" component of my answer, or perhaps it was my having chosen "a bar" as being the ideal spot for a date.

First of all, it depends -- how is BuzzFeed defining 'hookup'?