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I just returned from Malaysia where I spent five days negotiating the release of my boyfriend.

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So I asked a bunch of people to share their reactions to their scores, and this is what they told me: I have a job that keeps a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and pays my health insurance. Do I have to worry about my safety? Or that being raised in a mainstream religion makes me privileged.

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I intentionally sought out people who were different, because I felt so misunderstood and alone. Black men make 77 cents on the dollar too. I want my son to see the differences between cultures, lifestyles, and privilege because I believe one person can make a difference.

Or that not being anxious in an airport security line makes me privileged.

An adult adopteeI grew up feeling marginalized. Her second husband is a saint.

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I was an aspiring actress in New York City. Most of my scores are not all that surprising: BuzzFeed privilege quizcheck your privilegegenderintersectionalityPauline GainesprivilegePrivilege testracesexuality About Pauline Gaines Pauline Gaines is the pseudonym of a blogger who writes about divorce, custody, and complicated children.

I have always lived in high-end cities, and attended swanky schools, and have been surrounded by affluent friends.

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It was something freakish and shameful, something no one felt comfortable talking about. I was homeless as a child. She also discovered the ominous limitations of such a test.

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Simply because he was black. She has survived all three subsisting primarily on caffeine, chocolate, and red wine. My ex-husband is spectacularly wealthy, so my kids travel back and forth from an apartment to one of four homesteads. And that, I think, is the point of the quiz: It was hard to keep a waitress job with that schedule, much less audition for shows or even do the job the show might require.

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I joined this cult willingly. I brought this loss of privilege on myself, sometimes trying to convince myself that it was all to bring glory to God, which is all I wanted to do. But when I step out from the rarefied circles in which I travel, I see the advantages I take for granted.

After all, they only scored a 46!

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