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I really didn't enjoy her company properly until she was of secondary school age. My own parents were devoted grandparents.

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Another friend broke a long-standing date to attend a talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum - something we adored doing together - in order to collect her grandchildren from school. We shared the first seven months of her life when I was on maternity leave.

Grandparents enjoy and benefit more from the relationship than the grandchild 'I can remember them leaving a "magic bag" full of sweets on my pillow when they came to visit but that is about it,' she said recently.

I have too full and enjoyable a life - time and freedom to explore new interests and opportunities.

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They burst into tears of joy when I announced I was pregnant. Instead of chatting and laughing about old times like we usually did, the conversation centred on what the six and eight-year-olds were doing at school, their extra-curricular activities and their hobbies - all encouraged by the gushing grandparents.

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That I can look forward to. I have no desire to hold any baby in my arms. My husband Ivan, a fellow journalist, wasn't overly eager to reproduce either but, like me, thought it was something new to try.

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I have a younger, unmarried sister who is the least family-orientated person I know. When I see families in restaurants I ask for a table as far away as possible. It would make no difference if it was my flesh and blood Unlike Jeannette Kupfermann, who wrote recently in the Mail of her desperation to become a grandma, I do NOT long to step into the role.


And I want it to stay that way. Even though I am in my 60s, I can think of nothing worse. They have never contemplated children, let alone grandchildren.

One was enough, even though it was a perfect pregnancy and I worked full-time until two days before my elective Caesarean.

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I am happy to walk him, play with him, and feed him. Just as some women claim to be born without a mothering instinct, I don't have a grandmothering one. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: But that will not be me.

I told them, as I told Alice, that I would delighted to look after her puppy, Reggie.