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Boxer floyd mayweather talks about dating chilli,

No ones checking for her as many would believe. She looks like a happy woman for once. He has that entourage because of his generosity.

Now if she happens to have the body, then they think they have struck gold. CocoKhaleesi Is it true that TI canceled an appearance directly following this altercation due to bruises on his face? Just them same two puffy ass eyes with dark circles under them.

I can tell myself all kinds of shit to make me feel better about him leaving me for a white woman.

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Also, I heard u say u would buy Kim a ferrari. Well apparently Tiny plan worked but who gave T. Ummm Floyd you trippin…and he talks fast as hell.

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Not a fan of Floyd, but T. That would be huge news that would have been picked up by other media outlets if it were true. Idk, a facelift, nose job or lip reduction or something.

I guess it could be both. U wont have to fight anyone besides Marcus Bailey for me. Your man is safe. As far as the brothas tripping over it…Who really cares! LMAO Reggie is trying hard though. Or is he just young? And no its not Mike Vick.

He said he effed up his hand but has no black eye as rumors said.

You know we are all fam up in here you want us to kick his ass? Why is Clifford taking time out to ask all these questions NOW? I think he was trying to check him. Done got her body right.

Sorry, Kimmie pinkvirgo Floyed always talks so beligerant sp? This is the first I actually commented after seeing all over the next this weekend. You there with another broad and questioning THIS dude about your wife?