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Hiding the fact they aren't human, they must navigate a new school, romance, and the Triwizard Tournament as something dark looms in their future.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

She is hurt when he rejects her, but supportive when he confides his sexuality. He tells him that he worked on a car with his father because he believed his father wanted him to get his hands dirty to make him straight.

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Doubles as Enforced Method Actingas no one saw it coming except Naya Riveraand that was only after director Eric Stoltz told her to prior to filming the scene.

They continue through the rest of the sixth season as a wed couple and in the season six finale, "Dreams Come True", it is revealed that five years in the future, Rachel is carrying their child, a daughter.

Although, she has felt more confident about herself since she joined Matchmaking division New Directions, she still struggles with others accepting her.

The songs from the film often do find their way into stage productions of the play in real life, however.

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I've done other shows with gay characters, and I will say that in many of those cases, the gay characters didn't have a happy ending.

After Kurt mocks the date for being too gay, Rachel bets that she can kiss Blaine, while sober, to prove that he is at least bisexual. Shelby resigns and leaves McKinley. At the beginning for the sixth season, it seems as though Kurt and Blaine have broken off the engagement due to difficulties living together and Blaine has moved back to Lima.

Blaine dating karofsky Anderson Blaine Devon Anderson Darren Criss is a recurring character in season 2 and a main character in seasons Rachel Berry Rachel Barbra Berry Lea Michele is the lead character and is a "strong, driven" member of the glee club, who is misunderstood by her Blaine dating karofsky.

A crossover, but not.

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It has featured several risque story lines during it's three season run. Instead, he decided to portray the character as "more internal and superior.

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The next new episode of the show does not air until April Kurt ends up confiding in Rachel Berry that the Dalton boys don't exactly want his panache.

He invites the girls from Dalton's sister school, Crawford Country Dayto view a Warbler performance of Animal to test their sex appeal.

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Blaine and the Warblers singing Silly Love Songs Heartbroken, Blaine becomes more cynical towards Valentine's Day, lamenting over the fact that he made the relationship all up in his head. During an emergency Warbler council meeting, Blaine reveals that he is in love with the junior manager of the Gap at the local mall, much to Kurt's shock, and wants to serenade his crush with help from the Warblers.

Quinn is shown as very intelligent and athletic, as well as having great emotional depth and talent in gymnastics, dance, acting, and singing. After Tina's proposal to Mike Chang is rejected, Artie promises that if they are both single in ten years that they should marry each other.

Kurt and Rachel sneak into the Gershwin Theatre where Wicked is playing, and from the stage they sing " For Good ", a song from the musical. She lost her big sister and nearly herself.


However, Blaine has moved on and is dating Dave Karofsky. At the meeting, Blaine tells the council of his intentions to sing a love song to his crush. The two perform their first duet, Baby, It's Cold Outside. Shue makes a deal with Sue that Unique can have a key to one of the private unisex teachers' restrooms and the glee club will stop twerking.

During a meeting with the Warblers, Kurt informs everyone that Pavarotti has died and sings Blackbird as an ode to their fallen ward. The only way out is to read a story, left by unexplained means Kurt later gets back together with Blaine and accepts Blaine's proposal for marriage.

He really should have listened when the other Warblers told him to stay away. He also sings primary lead in a duet version of " Candles " by Hey Mondaywith Blaine as the other lead.

While he doesn't state it explicitly, it is implied that he is hopeful that something more could come from the relationship. In Furt she claims that her repeated references to Kurt as "Lady" were because she thought it was his name - though she has referred to him by name on-screen in previous episodes.

After doing this a second time, Kurt invites Mercedes to a dinner with Blaine at Breadstix where Blaine reveals a little about himself, such as his love for Vogue, his stance on politics involving the gay community Baby, It's Cold Outsideand his love for college football.

While Blaine is out on another coffee date with Kurt, Rachel calls Blaine and asks him out, to which he accepts.

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He is later visited by Kurt, and the pair share an emotional and tear-jerking scene. Though he is a bit skeptical about Elliot's intentions at first, later he finds a good friend in him. However living this new life is a bit like walking around with an egg for a heart; a constant internal struggle to keep things from cracking and falling apart.