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And then in October we are moving to Hawaii for, I think, about four months to work on a coffee-bean farm.

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And Jenna and I had a lot of girl-talk; she was definitely into Sebastian. Clearly, your feelings were sincere.

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And then at Ponderosa beforehand, we'd always be sitting next to each other, coloring in books and whatnot. There was illegal thing happening or anything, but we sat next to each other and our elbows -- like, I don't know, we just kept touching elbows and doing weird stuff like that.

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And then obviously after the show, our relationship blossomed We never really spoke about anything. In the beginning, it kind of sucked, but then when he came over, he was really honest.

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We just got lucky! It sucks that this is a show. Could you confirm that was true?

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We cuddled and held hands every night, but that was it. So that relationship never really formed, which is why we didn't look like a power couple or anything.

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While opening up about her experience on the show and time spent with Sebastian, a year-old fishing guide from Melbourne, FL, Jenna disclosed the couple are officially together and still going strong to this day.

S military history in the area. This product was then shipped to the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean to bolster soil fertility. Just in the beginning, I think there was a lot of flirting.

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What's the current status of that relationship? The plantation ruins on some of the more isolated islands are also accessible through Big Blue Unlimited Eco-tours, too. When we had to fly over, we were sitting on the plane next to each other, and we got to talk.

You know, we never strategized, because Sebastian, he doesn't even really like to talk strategy all that much.

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When I talked to Stephanie Johnson earlier this season, she said there was a little romance blossoming between Sebastian and yourself. As soon as they got there, they started sleeping next to each other," she said.

So I felt like we had an instant bond even though we weren't on the same tribe. What was going on between you two out there? The larger islands, with thicker vegetation, were seen as a great source for the cotton and sisal industries.

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Yeah, so I'm moving to Florida and then his lease is up in October. Jenna Bowman and Sebastian Noel officially dating!

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Yes, [my vote off] was definitely a sore subject last night between us, obviously re-watching him voting me out. The first time we spoke, he was like, "I think you're really cool," and blah, blah, blah, and "I would really like to date you in real life. Current status -- I quit my job last week and I'm moving in with him in two weeks.

Do you guys have any other big plans for the near future?

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Below is what Jenna revealed about her relationship with Sebastian during her own post-elimination interview with Reality TV World today. While not perhaps part of the standard Turks and Caicos tours, these abandoned and somewhat eerie facilities make a perfect exploration point for spelunkers, thrill-seekers and those who love the beauty of these old buildings, as well as those interested in the U.

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