Rob Kardashian shuts down rumors he's dating this reality TV star - AOL Entertainment Rob Kardashian shuts down rumors he's dating this reality TV star - AOL Entertainment

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What makes this new revelation about Rob and Mehgan interesting is that news of their romance came out just one day after Rob wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram where he called Blac Chyna "the woman I love.

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Click to read more. Will Rob's new relationship cause drama with Chyna?

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They said that the relationship is relatively new. They're afraid that he might be headed right down the same drama-filled road that he was with his last love interest.

There likely won't be any Blac Chyna drama over Rob's new love interest.

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When Rob and Chyna's relationship went up in flames the last time, many "Keeping Bgc mehgan dating With The Kardashians" fans thought they'd probably get back together. Especially since they'd already broken up and reconciled what felt like a million times.

It turns out that the Kardashian klan is not thrilled with Rob's new girlfriend.

Rob's reality star love interest

Rob's reality star love interest Mehgan James is the woman who Rob Karadashian has reportedly been spending time with lately.

The bigger issue is whether Mehgan's intentions are good or not. There are rumors that she was hoping to get the call to do a "WAGS" spinoff because of that relationship but it looks like that didn't pan out.

After all, while they were only together on and off for about a year, they did a lot of things that long term couples do like have a baby, move in together and get engaged not necessarily in that order. She seems to be rather opportunistic and has dated quite a few famous faces.

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According to reports, Rob and Chyna are committed to raising their daughter Dream together in the best way that they possibly can. A source told People that Rob's mom and sisters are hoping that his dealings with Mehgan might be short lived. Suggest a correction to this article It seems like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were together for years.

How do the Kardashians feel about Rob's new girlfriend?

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Rob says Speed dating brisbane city loves Chyna because she made him a father. It turns out that the last rob and chyna breakup probably was the last because now, Rob Kardashian has moved on and his new flame is even more shocking than his last.

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