Southwest flight makes emergency landing in Salt Lake City | Daily Mail Online Southwest flight makes emergency landing in Salt Lake City | Daily Mail Online

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Ogden - 36th Street Cemetery - A glowing blue or green headstone or entity can be seen at night on the eastern edge of the cemetery close to the road.

Springville - Tree on Eldorado Drive - This is a new neighborhood still currently under development.

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Salt Lake City - Armstrong Mansion - Many guests of this bed and breakfast in downtown Salt Lake City have reported odd things happening, such as the light fixtures shaking in the rooms, and seeing images of persons in the mirrors.

They get the feeling that things are watching them and breathing on their necks. We saw this apparition the whole time we were turning the corner, but when we were on a straight road, it disappeared.

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Most students and staff refuse to spend time inside this building after dark. There were no POW's there; it was a house area for the workers at the local military base.

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Employees have reported seeing a very active presence within the old home. Grandmas spirit now lives in this Victorian mansion and likes to make her presence known to individuals staying there.

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Lindon - Geniva steel - since the factory has been abandoned several groups of people have had strange experiences in the locker room, hearing footsteps behind you showers turning on and unexplained feelings.

For more information and settings, go to Privacy Centre. Castle Dale - Ghost Road - Driving from a dance lesson and we were turning onto ghost road. The pool was closed, but it looks well-maintained.

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A couple of them were in car accidents. According to local Native American legend Timpanogas was a beautiful girl who wished to marry her lover from an enemy tribe. Mines are currently not in operation.

What keeps me from giving this park 5 stars is the horrible WiFi.

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Oath will also provide personalised ads to you on our partners' products. Interior roads were narrow. Learn More about how Oath uses this data. Tresspassers will be prosecuted.

Another room has paintings of demonic clowns with knives and other sharp objects painted on the walls. Also, in the basement, several workers have reported smelling a lilac perfume and some even feel a gentle touch on their shoulder.


Apparently, the 22 year old male student was angry that his girlfriend dumped him and decided to start shooting at her and her classmates. The Building is 5 floors and the Ghosts haunt all floors.

It is said that there where two workers, working alone their one night, and one of the men got caught in one of them machines, got pulled in and died, the other man trying to pull him out got his arm caught and died from loss of blood. Here are our top food picks, from ritzy to rustic.

Some think she once worked there every Wednesday and died before she came to work one day, and, not knowing she's dead, still goes to work every day. Cries for help can be heard there and occasionally at night a sinister whispering of "come here.

It has been said that he was hit by a train walking to school.