Girl I’ve been dating for 3 weeks posts a story on snapchat of another guy. Why? Girl I’ve been dating for 3 weeks posts a story on snapchat of another guy. Why?

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For the future what would be best said if a girl posts a snapchat with another man. There are plenty of nice girls out there that will treat you with respect but you aren't going to keep one unless you respect yourself.

She's out there hoing around and you're here not listening, not getting laid by other women, and hoping she has a change of heart. Do you still have feelings for your ex? I was the one who was making the effort to see her more. The thing is, I get you. You're done with the dating after divorce scene!

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Plus, does it really matter? If you ask this question, you better make sure you are able to handle the answer. People think if someone isn't divorced, there's a chance they might reconcile with their ex.

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This is how we work. My opinion and you can take it or leave it is that you better be pretty darn sure it's going to work out when you bring your kids into the mix. Don't ask unless you can handle the truth.

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I hate that approach. Potential boyfriends act like potential boyfriends.

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When are we going to introduce our kids to each other? Do you know how lucky you are to have met me? Would you ever cheat on me?

Because if they get close to his kids, and then you and the guy split up, the kids are the ones who suffer another loss, new friends that they will never see again. And then you ask, "So, when do you think your divorce is going to be finalized?

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Because if you simply sat back and waited for him to reveal himself in his actions, guess what? If you want to make your own game thread go ahead and do it but do the other people a favor and keep it 1 thread per girl max.