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The project was described as "a modern-day romantic love story with a procedural twist," unlike the original series which was a romantic drama with mystery and suspense elements. Initially annoyed, Catherine is later touched by his gifts and thoughtful actions.

Catherine Chandler in the Pilot. Forbesand finds out that Vincent is actually alive. Season Two Catherine finds Vincent.

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Contents [ show ] Personality Catherine's personality is rather complex in nature as a result of the trauma witnessed during her mother's death. Vincent saves Tess, and Catherine later apologizes to Tess for lying to her. He didn't get there in time to save you, but he's still out there, and I have a feeling that now Catherine is shaken up, but when J.

When they tried to kill Catherine, she ran into the woods but tripped and fell. This traumatic event has left Catherine fragile emotionally in regards with what happen to her mother. Catherine finds out Alex has a stalker, and is suspicious that it's actually Muirfield. Directors Casting[ edit ] Casting announcements began in Februarywhen Kristin Kreuk was first cast in the lead role of Catherine Chandler.

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Cat finds out he also took the blame for helping the vigilante, clearing her of suspicion. At the same time, Heather is still with Thomas, and the hospital drops a bombshell on her: Evan performs a roadside surgery on Cat to stabilize her so she will make it 33 dating 20 a hospital.

However, she ends up getting into a serious car accident after Sabrina Meyer tries to kill her.


Cat suspects it wasn't an accident, and Muirfield is responsible. Catherine is patient, kind, caring, and compassionate, especially towards Vincent. However, she finds out that Muirfield has been watching Alex, and Vincent's in danger. Catherine is highly altruistic, supportive, and resourceful towards her peers, but also towards those she serves.

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By helping others, it gives Catherine a way to avoid dealing with her issues in her personal life. Heather does not warm up to Vincent, and later confronts Catherine with Tess while she's at work, asking who Vincent really is.

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Who were those men? At the hospital, she donates blood for Thomas, but leaves when Heather comes by to find out who was after Thomas. The show is the first project that Mark Pedowitz developed when he joined the network. Catherine is around when Vincent finds out she's not the trigger, and the blackouts are actually a side effect of the experiments.

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Catherine revived Gabe using a defibrillator, hoping he would track Beauty and the beast actors dating. Her toughness, courage, and fearlessness serve her well on the job as a detective in pursuit of criminals, but also during Vincent's transformations.

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On her first night, she had car trouble after closing up and called her mother for help. However, during the reception, Vincent sneaks in and the two share a dance.