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Although most men had only one wife at a time, polygyny was considered both legitimate and good. The rules were unwritten but known to all, and an array of sanctions, positive and negative, supported them.

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Circumcision was one of the most important rites over the greater part of Australia. If you see a picture of a woman you like, take the time to read her profile. There were no judicial bodies as such, though on the lower Murray River a formal council, or tendi, of clan headmen and elders did arbitrate disagreements between adjacent groups.

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All adults of each sex normally possessed the full range of skills required for getting a living. So while they lived by hunting, over large parts of the continent it was in effect managed hunting. It has been said of the Aboriginal People that 'they are an unchanging people in an unchanging land', implying that they didn't adapt so were somehow less worthy than the very adaptable people who took over their country.

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Generally, once he had reached puberty and facial hair had Other methods of dating fossils to show, he was ready for the initial rituals.

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As with the Riwi and Carpenter's Gap sites, this site displays a ancient tradition of design and creativity, as well as a sense of self-respect and aesthetics that the author1 finds to be surprising for such ancient times. Initiation was a prelude to the religious activity in which all men participated.

Infringement of sacred law was less direct in its social repercussions but was nevertheless regarded as the most serious of all.

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In some Aboriginal societies parents of marriageable girls played one man against another, although this was always a potentially dangerous game. For girls, puberty was marked by either total or partial seclusion and by food taboos also applied to male novices.

The adult males of the estate group were the principal guardians of its sacred sites and objects and organized appropriate rituals to renew and sustain the land.

Kinship is a system of social relationships expressed in a biological idiom through terms such as mother, son, and so on. Rove McManus is a three-time winner of the Gold Logie award as comedic host of his self-titled chat-variety show.

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It has since been realised that they did indeed farm the land, even the parts that were unusable by the colonists, and for a very long time. Afterward they were decorated and ritually purified. Exchange and trade were important elements of the Aboriginal economy, but there were no markets, and the promotion of intergroup harmony and alliance was generally the primary goal.

Boomerangsfor example, went in one direction, red ochre in another; pearl shells from the Kimberleys found their way, gradually, to the Great Australian Bight. What about good experiences?

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It has been called fire-stick farming. Archaeology has shown from digs in the Northern Territory that human history in Australia began sometime before 50 years ago. Kinshipmarriage, and the family The smooth operation of social life depended on obedience to religious precepts and on the operation of kinship, which was the major force regulating interpersonal behaviour.

In the north, people made bark shelters and during the monsoonal rains used caves and stilted huts as protection against flooding, mosquitoes, and sand flies. Roy and HG provide an affectionate but irreverent parody of Australia's obsession with sport.

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