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Aries woman dating an aquarius man, so you really want to date an aries woman?

There are many aspects to the Aries personality that is very sheep-like. The secret to Aquarius woman and Aries man love compatibility is to have open channels of communication so that both partners remember not to compete.

If you are a Gemini, we will make a great match - definitely as friends, and we will certainly try our fate as lovers. And let's make no mistake -- Aries woman is all woman, even at her most aggressive and "masculine".

What should we do during dating

If you are a jerk, in the beginning, we will find you fascinating. This is the real secret to Aries woman and Aquarius man love compatibility.

Aries woman thinks like a man

We get over things quickly. The truth is that you will find no less judgmental woman than an Aries, so your best bet is to be honest and upfront. That's just how we do things. You both bring a lot to the table.

Steps in dating

Either that, or you stumbled upon this page by way of something else, and stopped out of sheer curiosity. Both partners must be willing to compromise and most importantly, both partners must be willing to communicate in an open way. We are such open books that we believe other people should be, too.

Sexually, Aries woman Aquarius man in bed, make excellent love partners.


You need to pull the trigger and you need to make a decision. Both partners should agree that in certain situations, the Aquarius woman should get credit. So you'll just have to pretend you discovered this some other way.

Dating in your 50s

We find your perfectionism annoying, even though oddly you think it will make us like you more. However, we will not tolerate meanness, cruelty, rudeness, being impolite, or impatience from you. The Aquarius male is very protective of his lover, which the Aries woman welcomes.

Aquarius won't stay just out of duty.

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When we discover that you ARE interested in us but you are the slowest penny pinching man in the Zodiac, we will instantly realize our experiment has failed. We will figure you out anyway.

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We are passionate, fiercely loyal people who care deeply for our loved ones.