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Newspaper reports indicate that seven or eight young men demolished the interior with sledge hammers, axes and chain saws. The facade under the awning is largely clad in marble with a strip of modern signage running as a frieze above the doorways.

On either side of it, at ground level, are double doors that lead into spaces outside of the heritage boundary.

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The University of Queensland Senate tried to postpone the redevelopment while options to convert the Regent to a live theatre venue were further explored, and the Building Workers' Industrial Union imposed a Green Ban on the site from 12 September to facilitate these discussions.

Another frieze line sits further down the wall sections at door head height. People 2 of 34 The couple showed off their bundle of joy in the new issue of People magazine, where they couldn't help but gush about how well behaved she is. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcome second baby 9 of 34 It seems the Legend household just got a little fuller -- because going by Chrissy Teigen's tweet, she and husband John Legend just welcomed their second child.

Panels between the pilaster capitals are decorated with festoons. The final plaster pieces were cast in situ in Brisbane and then fixed into place and painted.

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The manager of Hoyts Queensland revealed these plans in The Courier-Mail in January which prompted the National Trust of Queensland to investigate the historic value of the theatre and include it on the organisation's heritage list from July Welcome Billy Stamos named after my father ," the year-old captioned the pic, adding: On levels one to four above ground there are tenantable offices, while below ground there is a basement.

The Queen Street lot had been acquired in the s by Patrick Mayne. Shallow pilasters divide the long walls, with a decorative frieze of small pointed arches running between them.

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In the lead-up to the birth, there were many reports that Kerr was expecting a girl. As required by the Act an independent assessor was appointed to investigate the objection and concluded that the building component on Elizabeth Street, where the four cinemas had been inserted, was not of significance and that this area should not be permanently entered in the heritage register.

Other significant Regent Cinemas around Australia were the Regent in George Street, Sydney now demolishedthe Regent on the Rundle Mall in Adelaide which is now converted into a shopping mall and the Regent Melbourne on Collins Street, restored in the s and now a major successful live theatre for Melbourne.

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The floor at ground level is covered in recent carpet, as is the upper landing area on either side of the grand staircase. My Girls, I am so proud of you and so grateful that you were delivered safely back to me," he said on Instagram. This development retained the four levels of tenancies, the basement, two street level shops, the entrance hall and grand foyer.

The ornament moulds were designed and cast in Melbourne. Aerial information suggests the roofing cladding of the front section of the building is also ribbed metal.

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Recent applications to enter the remnants of the seat theatre that once stood on Elizabeth Street were thoroughly investigated, but concluded that they did not meet the criteria for entry in the Register. The American Pie actor named his new daughter Isla -- yep, just like Aussie actress Isla Fisher -- and by the sounds of things she's already got him and 2-year-old big brother, Easton, wrapped around her cute little fingers.

Cinema One, later known as the showcase cinema was created using the original decorations, saved from the original theatre auditorium. An ornamental leadlight fringe runs along the south-west and north-west edges of the awning. From the s, cinema companies began constructing multiplexes to cater for smaller audience numbers watching a wider range of films.

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Rooms line this corridor along its length to the south-west and at the Queen Street end of the building, while staircases, toilets and other service spaces occupy the north-eastern side.

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The Regent in Brisbane reflected the evolution of the picture palace concept devised by Samuel Lionel "Roxy" Rothapfel's Regent Theatre in New York which created a fantasy interior where audiences could lose themselves within an evocatively decorated atmospheric picture palace.