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He has feelings for Aria and briefly dates her, ending things when he discovers that Aria is seeing Ezra. Ella hands Aria the letter then goes upstairs.

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When her son, Mike, is depressed, she doesn't feel he needs medication, and remains somewhat in denial about his illness. One of our Narnian Kings will have to find out Ella tells him that they were forced to bond because they didn't know anyone else there.

Killed by the Reapers, or by Cerberus, or by any two bit pirate or law enforcement agency. She also kidnaps Ezra.

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He tells her that he misses it because things can get in the way. When Hanna's mother falls upon financial hardship, she steals thousands of dollars from the bank she worked at, which Hanna is forced to keep a secret.

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Aria excuses herself to go get changed out of her wet clothes. Yello twerks her ass and bounces her big titties while trying to do a few layups. He lies and says how he can get obsessed with work not completely revealing what he is actually afraid of.

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Who asks for a farewell make-out session? Resident Evil - Rated: They discuss a book Aria is reading "To Kill a Mockingbird.

The collected filth in your intestines. Aria is furious, and blackmails her mother into not going through with it.

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It's been a very punishing season for Spencer. Along the way, the trio becomes entangled in the well-known love story of Rose and Jack and the web that ensnares them all. Later Ella meets Meredith at her art gallery.

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Jason Drew Van Acker and Liam Roberto Aguire couldn't be more different but they were both success stories compared to the recovering creeping addict she left them for. They later have sex in his apartment after Ezra finds out that he has been fired from Hollis.

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Mona is there when they discover A. Manipulating Emily's emotions could be a way for Alison to regain some semblance of control.

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