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For domain controllers running Windows Server or earlier versions, use the script below to create the service connection point.

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The task is triggered when the user signs in to Windows. Go to the domain node that corresponds to the domain where you want to activate auto-registration of Windows current computers.

Enterprise admin credential is required to run this cmdlet.

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In the rules below, a first rule identifying user vs. Please note that one rule to explicitly issue the rule for users is necessary. The output of this cmdlet shows devices that are registered and joined with Azure AD.

Type a name for your Group Policy object. Keywords output shows the Azure AD tenant information, for example: Configure your on-premises federation service to issue claims to support Integrated Windows Authentication IWA for device registration.


System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch offers additional benefits from earlier versions, like the ability to track completed registrations.

Configure service connection point Step 2: To download this module, use this link. Enable non-Windows 10 devices Step 4: Do not run the script twice because the set of rules would be added twice. Enable Windows down-level devices If some of your domain-joined devices Windows down-level devices, you need to: You also could link it to a specific security group of computers that automatically join with Azure AD.

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The package supports the standard silent install options with the quiet parameter. The following claims must exist in the token received by Azure DRS for device registration to complete.

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If you do not want these devices to automatically register with Azure AD or you want to control the registration, then you must roll out group policy disabling the automatic registration to all these devices first, before starting with configuration steps.

Value ; Issue objectSID of the computer account on-premises http: All domain-joined devices running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Windows Server automatically register with Azure AD at device restart or user sign-in.

To get a list of your verified company domains, you can use the Get-MsolDomain cmdlet. In the Azure portal, you can find this setting under: If your organization is planning to use Seamless SSO, then the following URLs need to be reachable from the computers inside your organization and they must also be added to the user's local intranet zone: You must select Disabled if you want the policy to block the devices controlled by this group policy from automatically registering with Azure AD.

Control deployment and rollout Step 5: Value ; Helper script to create the AD FS issuance transform rules The following script helps you with the creation of the issuance transform rules described above.

In AD FS, you can add issuance transform rules that look like the ones below in that specific order after the ones above.

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In a multi-forest configuration, you should use the following script to create the service connection point in each forest where computers exist: