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5sos preferences your dating another member, you're dating another member (ages 18-20)

Another members child is dating your child

Calum looked at you in disbelief, "What? Calum patted your arm, signaling for you to sit up. You allowed Calum into your house and you two went into the living room to watch movies while you cuddled. No boy had ever said anything remotely close to as touching and heartfelt as Calum's speech.

Luke was your brother and you two were always close.

You looked at your hands resting in your lap. Calum stared at you, unable to think of a response.

The front door opened and in walked Luke. Which meant your boyfriend could visit. And God forbid how Luke would react if he found out his best friend was dating his sister. What if he doesn't approve?

And according to the "Bro Code", bros don't date other bros sisters. You were watching The Vow but halfway through the movie, you and Calum made out, no longer interested in the movie. Just sit down and We'll explain everything. You make me so happy and I don't wanna lose my happiness.

Normally, it wouldn't be a problem for your boyfriend to visit when your brother was home, but there was just one problem: We both knew it was a bad idea from the start.

Is a sophomore dating a freshman weird

You tucked your hair behind your ear, "Hi. Your brother wasn't home Calum was your boyfriend. Calum was right, this felt wrong. Calum ran his hand through his hair. Your older brother looked down at you, then at Calum, and sighed through his nose.

Luke will kill me if we tell him. Calum shrugged, "Then, oh well. You had to admit, you felt guilty too. A very BIG secret.

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There was a knock at your door and when you went to open it, there stood Calum, smiling. I feel shitty dating you behind Luke's back and he's my best friend. You always told each other everything, but now you were hiding a secret from him.

Calum grabbed your hands, "No, no, no, you didn't do anything wrong.

You two laid there for an hour, enjoying the soothing silence. You sat down next to Calum again and you both explained your relationship, how long you two had been secretly dating, and were planning on telling him tonight, all while holding hands for support.

Calum pulled away, looking guilty. All three of you looked at each other in awkward silence, until Smiling, you teared up and kissed him on the lips, "I love you too, Calum.