10 Things to Know Before Dating a Gemini 10 Things to Know Before Dating a Gemini

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Welcome to the world of a walking contradiction! We change our hair, our views on current events, our sexual preference just kidding.

Beware! Plethora of Impulsiveness Ahead

She doesn't need a fairy godmother to find her way to the ball dance, she will manage all of this herself! They love to give gifts and create fun experiences, most of which are are brainstormed in their fun-filled head. She will appreciate mental games, games in the bedroom, or games that stir her pool of knowledge and wit, but this is not something she is game for.

Dating a Gemini woman is no Cinderella story. By Penny Smith We Geminis are surrounded by rumors. The flirtatious way of talking is just one among her many "misleading" characteristics.

She can also be quite demanding at times, and easily go to her negative mood -swing mode when those demands are not fulfilled.

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Yes, she believes in love and is on a constant lookout for her true soulmate. If you are planning to ask her out, then we are here to tell you the things you should know before dating a Gemini woman.

We ask a lot of questions and first dates with us may seem like interviews. No stepmother can manipulate her, and no stepsisters can torture her to work for them. She might have promised you for a dinner date, but don't be surprised if she tells you to drive out of town post the dinner because she feels Dating agency comparison exploring the countryside.

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Want to try making love someplace new and exciting? On the flipside, we love to entertain others. Wait, is that confusing?

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She will fill your life with pleasant surprises and may even go out of her way to make you feel the high of life. If she thinks you are a knowledge-seeker like her, you are walking in the right direction. The typical Gemini will love planning the perfect surprises because it helps make their own dreams come true, too!

Because, well, why the hell not? Be spontaneous see 1.